NGHTMRE & Yung Pinch Bang With New Collab, “Scars”

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American EDM producer, NGHTMRE has teamed up with Young Pinch for the new melodic Hip Hop vibes collaboration, “Scars.” Listen to the full song below.

The track has solid instrumental and unexpected groovy elements that take hold later in the mix.

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NGHTMRE said, “I’ve been making a good bit of hip-hop recently, but nothing too melodic! I was excited to try my hand in some cool melodic hip-hop vibes. Yung Pinch did such a good job with the vocal, and I tried to keep the vibe going for the drop/hook. I hope everyone loves this as much as we do!! It’s already been stuck in my head for months.

The vocals come up, “I been dressed in black like I’m headed to a funeral / You been sippin’ Jack, now you headin’ to the cubicle / Head down, but you still fuckin’ beautiful / Let it out, damn, it sounds just like a musical.”

Meanwhile, Recently, NGHTMRE teamed up with Alexandar Smash & Ghostlo for the latest heavy beat track, “Speak Easy.”

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NGHTMRE & Yung Pinch Bang With New Collab, “Scars”

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