Offset Team Up With Cardi B For New Video Song, “Jealousy”

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American rapper, Offset has teamed up with rapper, Cardi B for the new music video song named “Jealousy.” Listen to the full song below.

The track “Jealousy” samples the Three 6 Mafia track “Jealous Ass Bitches.” Also, it was teased with a clip where recent Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis interviews Offset; it references an infamous 1988 CNN interview with James Brown.

“I’m sellin’ prescription cocaine/She fuck with my pimpin’, my cane/I’m Michael, I’m not no Jermaine/Jealousy, that shit gon’ eat your heart out,” Offset raps in his heavy-hitting verse.

Cardi B also sings, “Girl, nobody listen to you ‘less you talking ’bout me (Woo)/ It’s always a bird tryna tweet shit (Yeah)/ You offended when I be on defense (Fuck you),” she raps, closing out with, “A bitch say my name, the she number one trendin’/I did you a service.”

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Offset Team Up With Cardi B For New Video Song, “Jealousy”

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