Polo G Arrested During Police Raid at His Home in Los Angeles

Polo G Arrested
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Early Wednesday morning, Polo G was arrested while police searched his home in Los Angeles.

A source for the LAPD told PEOPLE that four robbery suspects were jailed at approximately 8:30 a.m. at a house in Chatsworth, California that was listed as the rapper’s current home address.

The LAPD representative said police had arrived at the property with a search warrant. Photos revealed by TMZ show Polo G, born Taurus Bartlett, with his arms raised outside his property and being handcuffed by officers in front of a police vehicle.

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“Polo is being held under the guise that the police department needs to double check that he is not a convicted felon as there was a purported firearm found in the home.” Polo G’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, told the outlet: “He is not and never was a convicted felon. Any previous charges he had I got dismissed and it’s all public record.” 

According to the attorney, police are denying Cohen and his legal partner Zoe Aron “access to him while he is being illegally detained.”