Quavo And Takeoff Drops New Single, “Big Stunna” Ft. Birdman

Big Stunna Quavo
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American rapper & singer, Quavo has teamed up with Takeoff for the new single named “Big Stunna” Ft. Birdman. Watch the official music video below.

Birdman sings in the third verse of the most famous duos. “Bird and Wayne, Steph and Clay, Take and Quay/ Five star Bugatti car, the stunna way/ Hella choppers, chrome blade, candy paint/ Three hundred mill’, Cash Money, Rich Gang.”

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Quavo and Takeoff rap on the single’s chorus., “I can’t hang, ain’t no snakes in none of my campaign, n—a/ I’m gon’ pop it, like a f–king bottle of champagne, n—a/ Call the rocket, we gon’ takeoff on the f–kin’ stage, n—a.”

Recently, Quavo unveiled the reason why Takeoff left the Migos hit “Bad and Boujee.” Speaking with Rap Radar for an upcoming interview, the two explained that it was an issue of timing.

“Was it something about ‘Bad And Boujee’ why you didn’t wanna rap on that beat? Why weren’t you on that song when it came out?” Elliott Wilson respectfully asked in a clip shared on his Twitter ahead of the interview’s full release.

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Quavo And Takeoff Drops New Single, “Big Stunna” Ft. Birdman

Quavo & Takeoff Ft. Birdman - Big Stunna (Official Video)

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