Results of Rohan Cariappa 1 Minute Rap Challenge

Rohan Cariappa 1 Minute Rap Challenge

Rohan Cariappa is a YouTuber who makes the video on the lyrics breakdown or analysis of rap beef. Recently he announced the very first giveaway that is 1 Minute Rap Challenge. Where the time limit for showcase your rap is 1 minute and a deadline of roughly 4 days to put your best foot forward and take home a hamper by The Chasmeesh by winning #1minrapchallenge.

Now the results of this challenge are live now. In the list, there are most amazing and talented rappers take place. let’s check out who is the finest rapper of 1 min rap challenge according to Rohan Cariappa.

Here is the video of Rohan Cariappa you can watch now where he explains his criteria to Judge and find out whose rap is better than others.

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Rohan Cariappa Youtube Channel –

Meet the future of Desi Hip-Hop || 1 Minute Rap Challenge Results (Top 15) || First ever give away

One minute rap challenge results –

15. Rapologist

Youtube –

14. The Spectra Official

Youtube –

13. Shaitani Music

Youtube –

12. Mista Kanishq

Youtube –

11. Nakaab

Youtube –


Youtube –

9. Aakash Negi


8. Karolytac

7. Kalakartist

Youtube –

6. Authen

Youtube –


Youtube –

4. Adarsh Dubey

3. Paradox

Youtube –


Youtube –

1. Ad

Youtube –

We provide the youtube channel link of the rappers and please give support to them and also a big shoutout to the Rohan Cariappa for this amazing work.

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