Ricky Holes To Release New Single ‘Synapse’

Ricky Holes Synapse
Via Instagram

After releasing his debut album last year, EDM artist Ricky Holes is ready to stun us with his new single ‘Synapse’. The track will release on October 23 on all major streaming platforms.

Ricky Holes Synapse


Elaborating on the name ‘Synapse’, Ricky explains

A synapse is a point of union between nervous cells in our body, which filter all of our responses to stimuli. In this way they become the decision makers in our nervous system. In the same way, this song unites two facets of the same sound, which is why it is called ´Synapse´.

This track has a stunning arrangement and a memorable sound design. Synapse will charm you with the energy and emotion it holds making it personal and direct.

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About the artist:

Ricky is an upcoming EDM artist based in Hermosillo, Mexico. Taking inspiration from music that has influenced him, Ricky explores multiple genres like electro house, IDM and even psychedelic. However, he aims to do more than just recreate what has been made. He wants to make his own creative path by combining different elements into one sound

His music is not just unique with a charismatic feel but is coupled with exciting production aesthetics. Ricky is destined for greatness in this industry and we are very excited to see what he has to offer in the future.

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