Ritviz Release Two New Songs, “Aaj Na” and “Mehfooz” – Listen Here

Aaj Na Ritviz Album
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Indian singer & electronic musician, Ritviz has released two new songs named “Aaj Na” and “Mehfooz.” Listen to the full songs below.

Both tracks will appear on his upcoming new album, “Mimmi.” Earlier this week, he announced the new album via Instagram and wrote that “Out of the million conversations I’ve had with my mom aka Mimmi, this particular one that started in April, comes out as an album this Friday. I hope you enjoy what I’ve learnt about love so far, the varieties of it and the vessels that carry it 🤍”

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Ritviz says, ‘This album is a collection of songs I wrote with my mom, to understand love better. I feel very grateful for the love I have received and continue to receive – it has and always will give me the strength to keep moving forward. But where there’s love, there’s also heartbreak. Once I grew out of my cocoon and into the world outside is when I truly realized the value of the love I was taught, while being accepting of other love languages.

“My journey of realizing this was the progression of the album that I shared with my mother only to realize that it’s not the journey even, but the company that helped me rejoice and realize, and that is why the album is an ode to my mother.’

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Ritviz Release Two New Songs, “Aaj Na” and “Mehfooz” – Listen Here

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