Rohan Cariappa – 1 Minute Rap Challenge Season 2 Results Out Now

Rohan Cariappa 1 Minute Rap Challenge

The young talent of desi hip hop – Rohan Cariappa 1-minute rap challenge of season 2 result is finally out now! Check out the full winner’s list below.

Recently Rohan Cariappa(YouTuber) announced his second giveaway that is 1 Minute Rap Challenge. In this challenge, Hip hop artists have the time limit for rap is 1 minute and they have to put our best foot forward and take home a hamper by The Chasmeesh by winning #1minrapchallenge.

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Now, in this list, Rohan Cariappa has selected the top 20 artists based on its subjective taste and opinion. He said, “I gave you guys 36 hours and in return received an unbelievable response, both in terms of quantity and quality. Here is me listing, out the top 20 entries based on my subjective taste and opinion. Hope you like the video and if you did then don’t forget to support these artists by engaging with their content.”

He added, “All the artists, which is going to be a feature in this video, pretty sure of 6 and 7 artists are going to be really big artists in the coming 4 or 5 years.” Earlier this year, he revealed the first giveaway list, & he featured the top 15 artists.

Check out the full video here.

1 Min Rap Challenge Season 2 Results Out Now

YOUNG TALENT OF DESI HIP-HOP || 1 min rap challenge season 2 results

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One Minute Rap Challenge Second Season Results

20 – Shaun Rai(shaun_rai)

19 – Alvin Marbz(__sniper__30)


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18 – Sansu(sansu_pro)


17 – K U S H(the_chaos_clown)

16 – Pawan Sharma(yt_aquadxomusic_)


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15 – Double J The Rapper(doublejtherapper)


14 – Hrithik Chaudhary(impanadolmusic)


13 – Panther(buildingpanther)


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12 – Ajmal Roshan(iamrawshen)


11 – PsychoBoy SU(saurav_uppal___)


10 – officialpace_

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9 – Kreate(


8 – NAIRISTIC(nairofficials)


7 – Ayush Singh Baghel(realregismusic)

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6 – Eddy_Dude(16_Dax)


5 – S&Y(bit_and_bar)


4 – mc_davesto


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3 – KRUSHNA AKA KRU(krushna_ugale)


2 – Like Miraqle


1 – GAUSH | Gauresh Kale(gaushmusic)


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Meanwhile, The List Has Also 8 Innovative Surprise Entries. Check Out The List Here.


2 – आदर्श अघोरी मैहता(trix_blvck_666)

3 – Roy(unrealroy)

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4 – Akanksha(officialdzire)

5 – Vikram Singh Rajput(vikraaj_music)

6 – Rohan Pillai (ROAR-O)

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7 – Dhruv Aka Deeking(deeking_footprint)

8 – ToRnAdO(haryanvilion)

A big shoutout to the Rohan Cariappa for this amazing work. Also, we provides the YouTube channel link of the rappers and please give support to them.

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