Rosalía Releases New “RR” EP Ft. Rauw Alejandro

RR Rosalía
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Spanish singer and songwriter, Rosalía has released her new “RR” EP featuring Rauw Alejandro. Listen to the full song below.

The EP marks the first official musical collaboration from the couple, featuring three tracks including “Beso,” “Vampiros,” and “Promesa.” Also, the couple shared a music video for “Beso,” which culminates with a shot of Rosalía crying and wearing what looks like a diamond engagement ring.

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RR chronicles the couple’s romantic journey. “For us it’s always love first and everything else later, but we skipped that this time so we could finish RR and share it with the world,” Rosalía said in a press release. “After more than three years these three songs are here and each one of them belongs to a different stage of love.”
Alejandro added: “We always knew we wanted to do music together. However, with our relationship being the focus, we had to find the right time. A long time has passed by now and finding a way to fit all my feelings for her in three songs has been nearly impossible. This means I will be spending my days writing and writing many more songs about and with her. We’re thrilled with this project. RR forever!”

Recently, ROSALÍA released her Jumping artwork’s song named “LLYLM (Lie Like You Love Me).” Rauw Alejandro, meanwhile, most recently issued Saturno in November. He’s since released new tracks with Daddy Yankee and Ángel Dior.

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Rosalía Releases New “RR” EP Ft. Rauw Alejandro

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