Jawsh 685 x Jason Derulo release official music video for Savage Love

Jawsh 685 Jason Derulo Savage Love
via YouTube

Earlier this year, Jason Derulo remixed the popular tiktok song Laxed (Siren Beat) made by producer Joshua Stylah aka Jawsh 685. Jason Derulo added his vocals to the catchy beat of the song and it went viral on tiktok all over again.

Today, the duo has released the official music video of the song. This release has reinstated the song’s presence in the industry making it tough to not get up and shake a leg every time it comes on. The video was released less than 24 hours ago on Jawsh 685’s Youtube channel. Watch it here

The Savage Love music video keeps shuffling between Jawsh 685’s neighborhood in New Zealand and Jason Derulo, who is in Los Angeles. The video shows Jawsh partying with his friends and dancing to his song while Jason sings the song by himself on a rooftop, making a subtle comment on how the two countries have handled the Covid -19 situation.

The 17 year old producer first gained popularity in May 2020 after someone used the original song on Tiktok, hence making it viral and attracting stars like Jason Derulo, Lizzo, Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Fallon as well as TikTok stars like Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio and the Lopez Brothers to dance to this beat. On his sudden popularity, Jawsh 685 told RNZ Music in an interview:

Its sort of like a dream because I never saw this coming. I was just doing my usual thing, going to school and stuff, come home, make beats. And then now, like i said, I’m taking interviews and stuff”

Watch the whole interview with RNZ music here