Spotify Wrapped 2020 Is Officially Out Now, Check Here

Spotify Wrapped 2020
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Music streaming company, Spotify has officially launched Spotify Wrapped 2020 for listeners. Now Spotify users can now check their listening experience. Check out the post below.

Spotify Wrapped 2020 unveiled the top streamed songs, artists, albums, and podcasts globally. The Wrapped 2020 expertise is on the market on the Spotify app for Android and iOS. It’s seen on the home display of the app below ‘2020 Wrapped’. You can check your 2020 Wrapped by clicking here.

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What’s new – Spotify added some special new features like we can see the number of minutes we spent listening to podcasts this year. Additionally, there are in-app quizzes so that you can choose which one was your top artist, podcast, and decade that you just streamed on Spotify. There’s additionally a narrative behind your top track of the last 12 months with details out of your first stream to the 100th stream.

The company additionally launched badges with Spotify 2020 Wrapped. We can’t say being given arbitrary awards actually does an excessive amount for me, however, it’s possible you’ll get pleasure from it, so no judgment over right here.

Meanwhile, Spotify is also testing its new social media feature like Snapchat-Instagram stories features on the artist profile. Earlier this year, The company started a public test of stories, when it allowed some influencers to add them to playlists. 

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