Subtronics Drops Long-Awaited New Album ‘FRACTALS’

FRACTALS Subtronics
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American dubstep DJ & producer, Subtronics has dropped his long-awaited new album named “FRACTALS.” Listen to the full album below.

The album features 16 tracks including, Take Flight VIP, Morning Coffee, Into Pieces, FUNcKED, Griztonics II, Tuba Demon, Hieroglyph, MetaFractal, O.P.U.S, Cabin Fever and many more.

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“I’ve wanted to talk about this album for so long,” Subtronics said. “I’m overly transparent about my creative process, so not being able to share it with everyone has been an adjustment. I will say, I have poured so much emotional, mental, and sentimental weight into it.

“Putting such a huge project out there, something that I’ve been working on for well over a year, is kind of terrifying. I’ve reworked every detail of every track, made improvements, and built a universe around all of it. I have definitely evolved and grown with my sound design and I am beyond excited to share FRACTALS with everyone.”

FRACTALS opens with the epic “O.P.U.S.” to set the stage, a track that Subtronics said quite literally exploded out of him while he made it in one sitting. “I have no idea what happened,” he said. “I was at my desk, hitting keys aimlessly, while exploring Kontakt libraries and it brought me so much joy. Very meditative.

I hope it feels as powerful emotionally for everyone else as it does for me when I hear it. Closing my eyes and turning the intro up full volume always teleports me back to where I was when I started to aimlessly play with chords during the lockdown in 2020.”

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Subtronics Drops Long-Awaited New Album ‘FRACTALS’

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