The Kid LAROI To Drop New Single ‘Heaven’ This Week

The Kid Laroi tour 2024
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Australian rapper and singer-songwriter, The Kid LAROI to drop new single ‘Heaven’ this week. Check out the full announcement post below.

The rapper shared the news via Instagram with the caption, ““HEAVEN” comes out in 2 days. this one’s super personal for a lot of different reasons. it’s about evolving and leaving the past behind. changing the way you once thought and perceived the world. growing up! I don’t wanna ramble too much about it because it’s better if you just listen lmao but I wanna remind you that it’s never too late to be who you want to be and whatever you may be going through or feeling won’t last forever.. trust me! 🤍”

LAROI’s post is accompanied with an image of the youngster, bags packed in an urban winter wonderland. The track, “Heaven” seems to appear on the deluxe release of The First Time, and was first teased almost a year ago. On it, he sings: “‘Cause I was reckless, drinking every night/ And gettin’ high, nothin’ there behind my eyes/ I was numb inside, and I can’t believe that I even stayed alive ’til you walked up in my life.”

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The Kid LAROI To Drop New Single ‘Heaven’ This Week