TWICE’s Jeongyeon remain seated during the show, ‘World In A Day’

Twice Jeongyeon

As you all know TWICE member Jeongyeon is suffering from a herniated disk and she is recovering very fast. After the release of the JYP Entertainment statement, her fans started to worry if she’s being overworked.

JYP Entertainment released straight forward statement about Jeongyeon’s appearance in the upcoming virtual concert ‘Beyond Live – TWICE: World In A Day’.

The label stated, Due to Jungyeon’s current health issues, she must unavoidably participate in the performances sitting in a chair during ‘Beyond Live – TWICE: World In A Day’. We ask fans for their generous understanding, as this decision was reached after considering Jungyeon’s strong wishes to greet fans during these difficult times. We will do our best to ensure Jungyeon’s speedy recovery. Thank you.”

So, its clear now Jeongyeon will participate in their ‘Beyond Live’ concert after all but will remain seated during the online virtual concert due to her ongoing health issues.

During the shooting of their comeback music video for ‘More & More’ earlier this year, Jeongyeon experienced numbness that went from her ears down to her neck. She completed her shoot but made sure to see medical attention which resulted in her diagnosis herniated disk.

“Beyond LIVE – TWICE: World in A Day” will be happening on August 9 at 3 p.m. KST via V LIVE. Recently, JYP Entertainment also confirmed that TWICE is excitingly ready for a comeback and meet their fans after so long time.

This news getting a mixed reaction from TWICE’s fans let’s have a look –