Vivek Singh Is Going To Take Stage At Truba Youth Fest 2020

Vivek Singh Is Going To Take Stage At Truba Youth Fest 2020

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  1. The Truba youth fest 2020 is back with a new bang. 
  2. The music artist Vivek Singh will take the stage at Truba Youth Fest 2020.
  3. Truba Youth Fest is the central India largest college fest in Bhopal.
  4. Singer Vivek Singh is the youtube sensation artist.
  5. Tickets are now available, you can contact directly to the TrubaYouthPage on Instagram by clicking here.

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The Truba group of institutions organizes the college-level event every year, now the Truba group is back with a new bang. This time again TRUBA GROUP OF INSTITUTES are Presenting ‘TRUBA YOUTH FEST 2020.’ So, be a part of one of the biggest college level cultural and technical events in Bhopal. The Truba Youth Fest will start on the 4th March and ends on 6th March 2020.

The artist Vivek Singh is the Indian singer, who produces the melodic & soothing covers of original songs.

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Get ready for the Sunburn?? at Truba Youth Fest 2020 with popular DJs Candice Reddingsparanox, and Singer Vivek Singh’s live concert. Get your feet to move with the beat!! A perfect place to have the most fun with your closest buds, and embrace all of the positive vibes surrounding you.

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