Voxtrot Is Back After 14 Years With Their New Song “Another Fire”|| Watch It Out

Voxtrot new song Another Fire
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Indie pop band Voxtrot made a comeback after 14 years with their new song “Another Fire”. One of its band members, Ramesh Srivastava shared in a statement, “Another Fire” is about personal and universal regeneration, Hearing it come to life through my bandmates’ contributions was thrilling—just like old times, but unmistakably new.” The song includes all members of the band Jason Chronis, Mitch Calvert, Matt Simon, and Jaren Van Fleet.

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In 2007, the group put out its sole album, a self-titled debut. Their last release was 2009 single “Berlin Without Return”. After a long hiatus, the band announced on May 6, 2022, that they would be going on a reunion tour in the latter half of the year. The members got together in early 2023 in a small Texas town to work on new music.

Srivastava shared about the band’s reunion, “I had a dream where we were onstage and it was really positive, There was such a strong and palpable feeling of love in my heart that when I woke up, it was still with me. I switched on my phone and started looking at things tagged with Voxtrot on social media—teenagers covering our songs, people with Voxtrot tattoos and just went down this internet rabbit hole that made me realize how much love there still is for the band. For the first time since we broke up, it seemed very, very obvious that we should do this.”

Watch out for Voxtrot’s New Song Another Fire here.