Yungblud Reveals Virtual Tour ‘The Weird Time of Life’

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English singer & songwriter, Yungblud has revealed his new virtual tour named ‘The Weird Time of Life’ for later this year. Check out the full post below.

Yungblud announced the virtual tour news via Twitter with the caption, “WEIRD TIME OF LIFE VIRTUAL TOUR IS COMING TO YOUR FOOKIN CITYS! the pre-order album before THURSDAY 9:30 is (BST) to receive access to pre-sale happening on THURSDAY at 1 pm (BST). general on sale FRIDAY 5 pm (BST). tell yer mates. this is gonna be mad! GO.”

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The virtual tour is set to arrive on November 13 via Locomotion / Polydor Records. This accompanies the release of the artist’s upcoming second album ‘Weird!’. Know more about the tour click here.

Yungblud Virtual Tour ‘The Weird Time of Life’

“The thing I miss about playing shows is the individuality of every night,” Yungblud said in a statement. “The different faces, the different energy, but most of all the different cultures. Our community may be from different parts of the world yet we have similar beliefs, it is incredible.

“I wanted to do a show for as many cities as I could, playing songs off my new album for the first time. This album helped me so much and I wanted to bring it to the fans with all the energy, all the passion, all the love, and all the fucking rage that went into it. Just because we can’t touch each other, doesn’t mean we can’t feel each other. I’ll see you in your city.”

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Check out the full itinerary for Yungblud’s ‘The Weird Time of Life Tour’ here.

16 – London
17 – Glasgow
18 – Manchester
19 – Dublin
20 – Paris
21 – Berlin
22 – Munich
23 – Amsterdam
30 – New York

1 – Boston
2 – Toronto
3 – Chicago
4 – Atlanta
5 – Seattle
6 – Los Angeles
7 – Sydney

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