ZHU & Bob Moses Releases New Collab Track “Desire”

ZHU & Bob Moses Releases New Collab Track “Desire”
ZHU & Bob Moses Releases New Collab Track “Desire”

The American musician, ZHU, and Electronic duo Bob Moses has released their brand new collaboration called ‘Desire.’ Listen to the full track below.

After being teased the track Yesterday, now they released long-awaited track officially.

“Desire” is an excellent mix of both artists’ kinds with deep synths and pumping bass, meshed with whimsical melody. Opposite to most of his tracks, even collabs, ZHU lends vocal obligation over to Bob Moses for this one. That is the lead single from Bob Moses’ album Desire coming out August 28.

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The duo partnered with CTRL5 to craft a first-of-its-kind interactive animated video directed by Owen Brown in quarantine. Check out the awesome interactive music video here. You can also stream it regularly below. Enjoy!

ZHU & Bob Moses New Collab Track “Desire”

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The interactive part comes from layering a red-filtered animation over a blue-filtered animation to inform two tales about desire, concurrently. Through the use of a custom-made interface on Eko, viewers are capable of choosing whether or not to see a blue-filter story, a red-filter story, or to look at each, with the 2 filters overlayed. Within the video, through this impact, heartfelt moments can transform into moments of heartbreak, and vice versa, similar to they’ll in actual life.