How Tall Is Jason Momoa? 10 Incredible Facts Of Him

How Tall Is Jason Momoa
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Hey Guys! Here I am going to tell you about How Tall is Jason Momoa. The popular actor Jason has a dashing personality that one would dream to have. He is popular for his roles in the movies such as Wolves, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, etc. He has also appeared in several series like Game of Thrones, Baywatch and Frontier, etc. Jason Momoa is 6’5″ tall and looks charming. He is 37 years old and maintained a toned physique with a towering height.

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Jason started his acting career when he was just 19. You know what It’s the TV series Baywatch in which he played the role of Jason Loane. Well, people think he is 6’4″ but once in an interview he told that his height is 6’5”.

How tall is jason momoa: 6'5"

Not only his height, but his muscular body is also remarkable. In fact, his fans go crazy when he put off his shirt. Hot and sexy Jason has married the beautiful actress Lisa Bonnet. They have two children.

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10 Staggering Facts About Jason Momoa

We have discussed above How tall is Jason Momoa was quite interesting. Let us consider some amazing facts about Jason Momoa you probably know.

Jason Momoa

1- Jason Momoa real name is Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa.

2- Fashion designer Takeo Kobayashi discovered Jason Momoa in 1988. He encouraged Momoa to do modeling.

3- For his character Ronon Dex, the dreadlocks hair wig was customised for Jason after some time. Because those dreadlocks were heavy and painful.

4- Jason was the director, co-writer, and actor of the movie Road to Paloma. It premiered at Sarasota Film Festival.

5- In the movies Batman vs Superman and Justice League, he played the character of powerful Aquaman.

How tall is jason momoa

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6- For the movie Stargate Atlantis, he practised Brazilian-jiu-jutsu as he has to play the role of Ronon Dex.

7- Jason got injured and get 140 stitches when a man slashed his face with a broken beer glass in 2008.

8- He married Lisa Bonet in 2017 and in Jan 2022, the couple announced their separation.

9- Jason is fond of tattoos. He has several tattoos imprinted on his body. In fact, on his arm, he has a tattoo for his family god.

10- He played the role of Duncan Idaho in the movie Dune which is adapted from the novel of the same name.

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