Tallest Woman In The World

Tallest Woman In The World
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Do you ever wonder about the tallest woman in the world? Here we are going to tell you the answer to your question. Are you really excited to know that? Guinness World Records has declared Rumeysa Gelgi as the tallest woman in the world. Who is Rumeysa and what does she do? Does she able to do any work while having gigantic height? Here we go.

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Rumeysa is a front-end developer, lawyer, and researcher as well. She is a Turkish woman. Actually, she has this towering height because of Weaver Syndrome. It is an overgrowth syndrome that causes several abnormalities to a person’s physical growth.

Moreover, the tallest woman in the world Rumeysa is not able to walk for a long time, she uses a wheelchair. She often walks with the help of a walker.

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Despite being abnormal, she is great at doing her work. She is an inspiration for physically abnormal people. One more thing, Her parents and family members don’t have the syndrome, they have normal heights.

What is Rumeysa Gelgi’s Actual Height?

Tallest woman in the world: Rumeysa Gelgi

In fact, Rumeysa has an outstanding height of about 7 feet 0.7 inches (215.16 cm). Can you imagine how tall she would be? This towering height made her the Tallest Woman in the world. She is an optimistic woman who believes in accepting herself rather than complaining.

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Rumeysa said, “Being a record holder is a very amazing thing. I know that only the special people can make it and I know I’m one of them now.”

Rumeysa Has More Guinness World Records

Yes, you heard it right. Rumeysa Gelgi has more Guinness World Records. One before this one and after that three more records. Guinness World Record announced Rumeysa as the World’s Tallest Teenager when she was 18 years old. Now, she has become the Tallest Woman in the World.

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Apart from this, She has three more Guinness World Records. Let’s consider them. Look at the image she is just incredible. Isn’t she?

Rumeysa has longest hands
  • Rumeysa has the longest fingers: Her finger is 11.2 cm/ 4.40 inches which has got the Guinness World Record for longest fingers of a woman.
  • Rumeysa has the longest back: She has Guinness World Records for longest hands. Her left hand is 24.26 cm and her right hand is 24.93 cm.
  • Record for her longest hands: She has the longest back of a woman alive that measuring 59.90 cm.

So, Rumeysa has a total of 5 Guinness World Records. Isn’t it amazing to know about the Tallest woman Rumeysa Gelgi.

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