Coldest Place In The Universe

coldest place in the universe
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Do you ever imagine what would be the coldest place? Do you know where it lies in the universe? We are going to consider it in this post. The coldest place in the universe is Boomerang Nebula. It is also called Bow Tie nebula due to its shape.

  • What is Boomerang Nebula?
  • Where it is located?
  • What makes it the coldest place in the universe?

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What is Boomerang Nebula?

Coldest place in the universe

Now after listening to the term, you might be thinking about what is actually Boomerang Nebula. It is a nebula that consists of dust and ionized gases. The nebula has a giant red star in its center which is dying.

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Where Boomerang Nebula is located?

Centaurus constellation

You probably don’t know where the coldest place i.e. Boomerang Nebula is located in the universe. It lies in the constellation Centaurus. Centaurus is a constellation in the southern sky. Even, It is 5000 light-years away from the earth.

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What makes it the coldest place in the universe?

Coldest place in the universe: Boomerang Nebula

D you wanna know what makes it the coldest place in the whole universe? Its bone-chilling temperature due to which this place is regarded as the coldest one. It possesses a temperature of -457.87 F according to the Fahrenheit scale and -272. 15 C according to the Celsius scale.

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In fact, it is three times colder than the earth’s coldest region. It is just a degree Celsius above absolute zero. Boomerang Nebula is also colder than the cosmic microwave background.

The dying central star loses its mass of material and the upsurge of the nebula made it the coldest place in the universe.

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