10 Most Expensive Cities In The World To Live In

Most expensive cities in the world
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Hello, lovely people! Are you interested in knowing about the most expensive cities in the world? Are you planning to move to the Most Expensive Cities In The World To Live In? 

Well, as far as I know, it’s always intriguing to know about some expensive cities, even if you are not planning to move there. 

To begin with, why should one consider living in an expensive city? I guess there is nothing wrong with that if you can afford it. 

Such expensive cities have got a lot to offer their residents. Here I will spot some light on it. 

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Advantages of living in expensive cities:

  • You might get paid a lot for your job there.
  • The city will provide you with a plethora of options for shopping, restaurants, and wonderful places to see. 
  • The city offers amazing modes of transportation, which sure will make your time living there wonderful and worthwhile. 
  • Furthermore, you get to meet a lot of people there. you may come across knowing their interests, learn something new and a lot more from them.
  • The medical facility is a lot better there. 
  • Big cities offer you a better education, especially at the senior and college level. 
  • Nightlife is amazing in these most expensive cities in the world. 

Tel Aviv

It is the city known to be as As a sun-soaked city, located in Israel. 

However, In 2021 prices for groceries and transportation noticeably increased a lot, resulting in making this city the most expensive city in the world.

Furthermore, Tel Aviv’s strips of sand are always crowded with sun- worshipers and posers. 

Moreover, the city offers amazing sightseeing options, fascinating neighbourhoods and last but not the least wonderful night experiences. 

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most enjoyable cities, you can help yourself with tempting food here. 

A lot of wonderful museums are there to pay a visit. Indeed, the city has got some serious and amazing vibes. Most Expensive Cities In The World To Live In.


Paris is a wonderful big city. The reason behind why this city is expensive to live, lot of people wish to live here, some out of desires and some out of needs ( jobs, studies). 

As a result, all this sets competition for housing and for other livelihood stuff ( for example- groceries, transportation and others). The completion results in increasing the cost of living there. 

However, apart from all this, you can’t deny the fact that it is a beautiful city to live in, hence making it all worth the living cost. 

Any city becomes expensive if the demand for living there is high and availability is low for living. 

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To begin with, Singapore has always been listed as one of the world’s priciest destinations. 

Although, One reason which makes Singapore as most expensive is the demand for buying a property. The increasing demand results in increasing the cost of living there. 

However, as the supply is limited, it causes the property or the rental prices to go high. It all becomes worth it when people find that the city offers a quality life and it helps in an individual’s growth. 

Moreover, the city offers a very safe and secure environment to live in. Most Expensive Cities In The World To Live In.


The city offers breathtaking architecture. The city is located in Switzerland. You can consider this city as a great option to live, in terms of quality life which it offers, high salaries for your skills, best quality healthcare system, and interestingly with a very low rate of crime. 

Furthermore, the city has a low population rate, so it appears the best option to live in a less crowded city yet one among the best. 

Moreover, the luxury living, public transport links, green city, history and culture all of this include making it a wonderful city to live. 

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Hong Kong 

The city is located in china. It is the most populous country, the demand to live and work in one of the world’s financial hubs and the de-facto access point makes it the expensive city to live in. 

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong government controls nearly half of the total supply of housing. Although it’s a fantastic destination to live with your families. The city offers wonderful food, vibrant culture and a variety of opportunities. Most Expensive Cities In The World To Live In.

New York

The city is globally known for its high prices and its elegant residents. New York has the world’s largest economy. 

However, The factors which are resulting in furling the job opportunities include, services, health care facilities, technology, media and business and also tourist relates industries. 

Fact: 1.5 million New Yorkers are living below the poverty level. The city is known as the city of dreams for many reasons. 

The New York public library has over 50 million books. 

Moreover, More than 800 languages are spoken in New York. 

The city has to offer diversity, energy, inspiration, convenience, neighbourhood, excitements, landmarks, opportunity, variety and the list is ongoing. 

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Los Angeles

LA is a wonderful city to consider living there. 

The city is located in America, and its best and the most famous city is Global. 

However, The city offers wonderful weather, so it is known to be sunny California for a reason. People who aspire to become actors can consider this city as its “La La Land” where dreams come true especially for actors. 

Furthermore, if you think that LA is only best in terms of movies, well hang in there LA is also best for music production too.

Moreover, You must have heard of red hot chilli peppers, Metallica and guns N’ roses, these are some of the great music acts formed in LA. 

Although the city is also famous for food trucks and Disneyland. Hence, the city is the Most Expensive Cities In The World To Live In. 


The city is located in Japan. It offers organized urban planning and connectivity. 

It has the best food to offer, people living here are very straight forward, funny, frank and a little support too. 

The city offers a lot of historical sites making your living   Intriguing there. 

Osaka has a large number of shopping malls and amazing locations to pay a visit to.

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The city is located in Switzerland. Geneva has the best healthcare systems, safe and secure place to live and a great environment to make your soul feel at home. 

However, if you choose to live here you probably can count on getting the best neighbourhood. 

The city has a plethora of options for entertainment and dining. In addition, the transportation system is best to make your living experience smooth there. Most Expensive Cities In The World To Live In.


The city is located in Europe. Copenhagen has been ranked for being the most livable city. 

However, if you have immense love for green infrastructure then my friend it is the best city to consider for living. Albeit, the outdoor lifestyle of the city is really exciting. The city will help you to stay close to Mother Nature. 

As a result, you will be able to work on yourself too, because the general quality of life is high here. Last but not the least, the residents of this city are very often to discover something new every day living there.