10 Amazing Places To Visit For Shopping In The World

Shopping Places
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In today’s modern era, who doesn’t love to go shopping? Well, everyone does. The name of shopping in itself is enough to make everyone excited. What makes it more exciting, if you have enough knowledge about amazing shopping places across the world.

If you are not ready to visit other countries for shopping yet, it’s always good to at least have ideas about shopping places. However, for the people who are extremely serious about shopping, the intriguing list of 10 amazing places to visit for shopping is given below:

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1 – Los Angeles, ( USA )

Los Angeles is known worldwide for its amazing collection of stuff to shop. It’s known for its retail tourism. 

It is significantly being designed to appear like an incredibly small town. The town is famous for its shopping streets. The small town’s people are friendly enough to make your shopping experience great and memorable.

Moreover, here You will find some amazing fashion stores. The stores are quirky yet wonderful at the same time. 

On the other hand, if you are interested in shopping at a place that is peaceful enough with an amazing environment, the Farmers’ market is a phenomenal spot. Why? Well, it gives your taste buds a delicious treat to relish forever. 

Here I have jotted down the list of 5 shopping streets to explore in the city. 

2 – India

Why should one consider India as a better place for shopping? 

It is a country which is known for its traditions and culture.   Travellers are obsessed with the Indian sense of fashion. They define it as something quirky and beautiful. At the same time when we talk about some amazing places for shopping in India, we just can’t stick to one or two as there are many of them

NOTE:- shopping in INDIA is costlier than in the USA. However, electronic gadgets, fashion accessories, Food items are available at lower prices than in the USA. 

Here I have jotted down the list of amazing places for shopping In INDIA. 

  1. Delhi – what you can consider here to be the cheapest and still best?
    • Clothing – both street and labels. 
    • Jewellery – silver oxidised. 
    • Handicrafts 
    • Books 
    • Connaught Place and The adjoining markets. 
  1. Chennai – it is  famous for designer silk saris 
  2. Goa – here Anjuna market is extremely popular 
  3. Handicraft villages of raghurajpur and pipli in Odisha
  4. Ahmedabad – Gujarat’s hub for shopping ethnic wear. 

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3 – New York City, USA

This city is full of the best among all places In the world for shopping. This place has a plethora of boutiques, vintage and also hard to find every major fashion outlet. 

4 – Bangkok, Thailand 

It is one of the other top shopping cities in Asia. Bangkok is just like a home to innumerable ramble markets and shopping complexes. 

The city has definitely everything that one could want. Here I have jotted down the list of some amazing spots in the city to pay a visit. One of the Amazing Places To Visit For Shopping In The World.

  1. MBK Shopping Centre – This place has more than 2000 shops. You can pick a plethora of amazing items from shops. The list of items you can lay your hands on:
    • Accessories 
    • Perfumes
    • Leather bags
    • Cosmetics 
    • Art and Craft 
    • Furniture 
    • Electronics gadgets and the list is ongoing. 
  1. Chatuchak Weekend Market – It’s the world’s largest outdoor market. 
    • It comprises more than 10,000 shops. 
    • This place provides quality products. 
  1. Asiatique The Riverfront
    • It’s a Bangkok fusion night market. 
    • It’s an open-air shopping mall.
    • It arranges an astonishing night bazaar. 
    • This place comprises more than 1500 boutiques and more than 35 Restaurants. 
  1. Pratunam Market
    • This is a wholesale market.
    • This place is cheap in its rate and best in its quality.
    • The type of items for which you can count on this place is:
      • T-shirts 
      • Bikinis
      • Jeans 
      • Safari pants 
      • Faux jewellery etc.

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5 – Hong Kong, China

This city offers you the perfect amount of fun and adventure which anyone might want whilst shopping. It has everything, starting with push malls, royal boutiques, funky and cool markets, and one interesting thing: electric stores. Indeed, at electric stores, you will be amused by the variety of items they have to offer. 

Anyone’s shopping experience becomes better when they try to explore more. So, when you explore the markets of this city, that could easily be done if you take a taxi or a bus. It’s better to not get tired by going on foot, especially when you have a lot to explore. Agreed?

Anyways, here I have jotted down the list of a few must-visit places in the city. 

  • Central and SoHo skyscrapers 
  • Admiralty 

Well, these two are the best places if you are looking for luxury items and something that defines your fashion. 

You will get everything from here. All the well-known brands and labels are easily available at these two spots. 

  • Cat street 

This is the place where you will get items that are related to history. This place provides authentic antiques, which will leave you amused. 

Other than these places, you still have a lot that remains to be explored in the city. One of the Amazing Places To Visit For Shopping In The World.

6 – Paris, France 

Paris is the city and capital of France. Paris always glorifies fashion. So, visitors name this city as the capital of fashion.

If you are looking for top brands,  Avenue Montaigne in the Champs – Elysees,  is an amazing shopping district. 

When we talk about skilled designers, well, it’s absolutely a cakewalk to find one in Paris. This city is full of the best designers.

Here, for instance, you can visit Marais, which is always the trendy area to search for the best designers. 

On the other hand, if you are fond of souvenirs and vintage trinkets, ‘Montmartre’ indeed is the best place for you to choose among all.

Here are the Famous and widely popular names like Cristian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel etc. These famous names could always be found in the Paris boutiques very easily.

Simply we can mention, this place is a dream destination for any fashion freak. Anything and everything that you want, you can get it from here. 

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7 – Milan, Italy 

What to say about this place? Well, this place is internationally known for its fashion. Finding any brand name here is very simple. All you need to do is take a walk into the fashion streets. 

This place provides the superior quality of items with an utter quantity of classy designer boutiques. Crazy! Isn’t it? 

Here the fashion is directly proportional to season. Yes, what’s in season, instantly becomes a fashion trend for the next two months. 

The easiest way to get around Milan is by metro, it’s the most convenient travel option for you to save time,  and at the same time, this leads to a better experience of travelling. 


  • A place to search for all the fashion boutiques- Quadrilatero d’Oro. 
  • A place to search for all the known brands (such as Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Prada, Christian Dior etc, ) – Montenapoleone

Unfortunately, If you find high price tags on these brands at this place, which is very normal. Don’t worry, we have a solution for that.

All you need to do is- despite visiting these above-mentioned places, go and visit Corso di port or Ticinese or Brera. Trust me, at these places, you will be able to find a plethora of choices to choose from over these brands. 

8 – London, United Kingdom 

This city ranks top for shopping amongst all the cities in the world. Why? read below! 

  • This city is way more budget-friendly than others.  
  • This fashion city has everything in terms of satisfying everyone’s taste of fashion. 
  • This city is capable of providing alternatives to different brands. 
  • The streets of this city have more to offer to its visitors. Starting from trendy jewellery, unique artworks to fun and quirky souvenirs. 

If you have an interest in bargaining, which I believe every shopping freak has! Well, on that note you can visit markets named as: 



These places will leave you amused in terms of bargaining. Also, these places have quality products to serve. 

Oxford street, it’s remarkably known for being the best street in the city. It’s more than worth it to visit this place first. 

Talking about the easy mode of transportation in London, especially for shopping, the tube is the easiest method to go from one place to another. 

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9 – Dubai 

One thing we all are familiar with is that This is known to be the city of gold. The festival in Dubai is the “ Dubai fashion festival”, well, with this we can have an idea of how much people love to shop in Dubai. 

Visiting amazing Shopping places is heaven for any fashion freak. I mean you just can’t think of returning empty-handed from Dubai, because this city has a lot to offer for its tourists. 

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, and You are muddle-headed to decide between what to buy and from where to buy, well don’t worry, we have a solution.

Here I have jotted down the list of some items you can lay your hands on.

  • Pure Gold and diamond jewellery. 
  • Arabian dates 
  • Traditional Arab shoes 
  • Local sandals 
  • Pashmina shawls ( very famous! Just buy. Do not give a second thought. )
  • Hookah pipe 
  • Lamps 
  • Arabian coffee and coffee pots etc. 

Well, this is not it. Here I have prepared a list of must-visiting shopping places in Dubai. 

  • Dubai Mall.  
  • Mall of the emirates.
  • Dubai Marina Mall.
  • Souk Madinat Jumeirah.
  • WAFI mall. 
  • Ibn Battuta Mall. 
  • Ripe night market. 

However, you still have a lot of good shopping places to explore in Dubai. This you have to do on your own when you visit the city and explore. One of the Amazing Places To Visit For Shopping In The World.

10 – Tokyo, Japan 

This city is known for cheap electronics. The intriguing part about The city is, You can find international to local brands In Tokyo. 

The shopping experience in Tokyo, Japan surely will be luxurious and overwhelming for you. 

Here is the list of shopping places to visit in Tokyo. And guess what? After reading the list you will be able to make a list of your own desired places to visit first and last in the city. So, without further ado,

let’s read what Tokyo has to offer in terms of shopping for its tourists, 

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list of shopping streets in Tokyo is given below

If you are the one who is looking for cheap brands yet the best at the same time, this place is for you. In terms of increasing their number of sales, the small shops always keep on opening in Shibuya. The main focus of these shops is to generate a sale from the youth mostly. 

You will find Here several shops offering amazing clothes and accessories. 

Are you into arts and design? If yes, this place is for you. It is located near the Sumida River. This place has to offer a lot of amazing clothes, leather goods, traditional apparel, designer notebooks and diaries. This place is unique, why? It allows you to get your notebooks and T-shirts dyed at cheap rates. So do not miss out on this place if you are visiting Tokyo. 

A remarkable place to buy local goods, which were made hundreds of years ago. Some must buy things from the street including furniture, Edo kiriko cut glass, kimonos and a lot more. Also, you can head to the adjoining street of this place named Kappabashi street. 

As beautiful as the name suggests, This place could be visited with both family and friends. The place comprises local shops, handicrafts, cafes and a lot more to explore. 

Well, this place is cost-effective, also you can’t bargain here as the rates are fixed. 

These two places are in the neighbourhood so the places are always crowded with people. The crowd in itself suggests that these places serve the amazing and quirky stuff that everyone looks to buy. 

A list of items you can buy from here includes punk T-shirts, stage costumes, Japanese cuisine and a lot more. 

Still, there is a lot more for shopaholics to explore in Tokyo. Find a time and visit once. 

In conclusion, book your tickets and go shopping! 

Happy shopping!