10 Best Startup Books For Entrepreneur

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Are you looking for inspiration in your life? Do you know books motivate millions of people, But the question is where to start from?? No need to worry. You are at the right place. Here we are presenting the list of the 10 Best Entrepreneur Books.

Entrepreneurs are the individuals who start their own business, be able to take risks and full of enthusiasm. They possess decisiveness, persistence and curiosity to innovate their business. Also, they inspire people to think out of the box. People follow them to achieve their goals.

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1- The Entrepreneur Mind:

Best Entrepreneur Books: The Entrepreneur Mind

The Entrepreneur Mind is an inspiring book by Kevin Johnson. It answers the questions that arise in the aspiring entrepreneur’s mind. Indeed, The book depicts the characteristics and habits one should have to be an entrepreneur. It is one of the best entrepreneurs’ books.

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2- Founders At Work:

Founders At Work

Jessica Livingston is the author of the book Founders at Work: Stories of Startups’ Early Days. It is one of the best entrepreneur books. Jessica takes interviews of founders like Mitch Kapor(Lotus), Tim Brady(Yahoo), Charles Geschke(Adobe) etc. They shared the experiences of their early years.

3- How To Win Friends And Influence People:

Best Entrepreneur Books: How To Win Friends And Influence People

How To Win Friends And Influence People is an influential book by Dale Carnegie. Dale started his career as a public speaker. In the book, he explained the fundamental techniques of handling people and the principles to become a leader. It is one of the best-selling books.

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4- Think And Grow Rich:

Think And Grow Rich

Think And Grow Rich is Napolean Hill’s most renowned book. He observed several successful people for years. Then, he proposed some rules to succeed in life. It is one of the best entrepreneur books. One must read this stirring book on the Philosophy of Success.

5- The Lean Startup:

Best Entrepreneur Books: The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup is an entrepreneur book by Eric Ries. It is an inspiring book that gives the idea of planning and managing startups. Ries presented the Lean Startup strategy for startups. In fact, The book was translated into about thirty languages.

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6- The E Myth:

The E Myth

Michael E Gerber is the author of the book The E Myth. There are various myths about Entrepreneurship. It is considered to be one of the best entrepreneur books. Michael throws light on these delusions. He proposed how to build and grow a business effectively. This book helps entrepreneurs to understand the real aspects of starting a business.

7- Zero To One:

Best Entrepreneur Books: Zero To One

Zero To One is a renowned entrepreneur book by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters. The book centred on the creation of new business and developing the existed one. When you start a new business, you have to start from zero to one. It represents an optimistic vision of the future.

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8- Building Strong Brands:

Building Strong Brands

David A. Aaker is the author of the book Building Strong Brands. It is one of the best entrepreneur books. Aaker narrates the importance of strong brand-building skills. The book covers the aspects of brand development and adding value to the brand.

9- Start With Why:

Best Entrepreneur Books: Start With Why

Start With Why is an inspirational entrepreneur book by Simon Sinek. The book focuses on the sense of purpose “why”. Everything should start with why. He considered How, What and Why as The Golden Circle. Sinek proposed that inspiration influence behaviour more than manipulation.

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10- Atomic Habits:

Atomic Habits

James Clear is the author of the book Atomic Habits. It is one of the best entrepreneur books. As the name suggests, the book is about mini atomic habits. The book involves the strategies to form new habits and change the bad habits as well. The process starts from micro habits that will transform your life.