15 Best Stephen King Books Must Read

Best Stephen King Books
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Stephen Edwin King is a renowned American author. He is the King of horror-thriller stories. The stories will grab your attention and make you feel the fascinating world of horror realism. Here we have come up with a list of the Best Stephen King Books.

Reading can make your mind sharper, give you knowledge, and provide a different viewpoint on things. If you like to read thriller, horror, or science-fiction books, Stephen’s books would be the best. He writes fiction and non-fiction books. It has engaging storytelling and characterization that captivates the reader.

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1- The Shining:

Best Stephen King Books: The Shining

The Shining is a 1977 gothic horror book. It depicts a spooky story of a resort. The author narrates the horrible past events like the death of visitors and attendants. The book was adapted into a movie with the same name. It is the first bestseller and one of the Best Stephen King Books.

2- Misery:


Misery is a psychological thriller book. It is the story of novelist Paul Sheldon and an insane fan Annie. After Paul’s accident, she kept him captive in her house. The narratives tell the tale of obsession, addiction, and physical and mental torture. It has won the Bram Stoker Award For a Novel. You must read this gripping book by Stephen King.

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3- It:

Best Stephen King Books: It

“It” is a horror book published in 1986. It is one of the Best Stephen King books. The author depicts the story of seven children confronting evil Pennywise. This unknown evil preys on Derry’s children. The Losers Club of the seven children decided to get rid of it. It is an epic tale that jumps from the past to the present and is considered to be one of the most frightening stories.

4- The Stand:

The Stand

The Stand is Stephen King’s dark fantasy book. It narrates the story of the detrimental pandemic of influenza. The remaining human beings become either good or demon groups. They are ready to fight. It is an enthralling book that will dive you into the fascinating world.

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5- Carrie:

Best Stephen King Books: Carrie

Carrie is a spine-chilling horror book. It is Stephen King’s first published novel. The story revolves around a high school girl Carrie. Her classmates treat her badly. When they cross all the limits, Carrie wants to take revenge with her telekinetic powers. It is one of the best Stephen King books.

6- 11/22/63:

11/22/63 book

11/22/63 is a sci-fi thriller book. The book revolves around an intriguing story of a time traveller who wants to save the US President’s assassination in the past. The plot has the switching scenarios of present and past time. This fictional book has won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, the International Thriller Writers Award.

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7- Salem’s lot:

Best Stephen King Books: Salem's Lot

Salem’s Lot is a spine-chilling horror book. It is the story of writer Ben Mears who comes to his town Jerusalem’s Lot. He realizes the people of town become vampires. He wants to write a novel about the haunted house. Later he decides to save the town from the vampires. If you’re going to read a horror book, this one is perfect.

8- Christine:


Christine is one of the best Stephen King books. It is an engaging 1983 horror novel. The author narrates the story of a possessed car “Christine”. It has supernatural powers. It can do anything. A boy purchased the car from the owner. Afterward, several incidents took place. Police suspect the car but can’t do anything because of a lack of evidence.

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9- Pet Semetary:

Best Stephen King Books: Pet Semetary

Pet Sematary is a terrifying horror book. The book was adapted into two movies in 1989 and 2019. The story revolves around a doctor Louis Creed. After being appointed the Director Of the University, he shifted to the town, of Ludlow. His life goes upside down due to some horrible events.

10- Different Seasons:

Different Seasons

Different Season is a collection of four horror novels by Stephen King. Each novel depicts a different story and horrific events. The four novels are Rita  Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, Apt Pupil, The Body, and The Breathing Method. It is one of the Best Stephen Books. “Different Seasons” is truly a masterpiece.

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11- On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft:

On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft

Stephen King’s “On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft” is a memoir. It narrates the experiences of becoming a writer and advice for new and ambitious writers. He has not shared only good experiences but rather emphasizes the insight struggles. It is a perfect tale of guidance, inspiration, and personal experiences of the renowned writer.

12- The Mist:

The Mist

The Mist is a 1980 psychological horror book. The book depicts the story of the people in Bridgeton town Maine who experience the sudden abnormal mist. Afterward, people were adversely affected in the town. It is one of the best books by Stephen King.

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13- Needful Things:

Best Stephen King Books: Needful Things

Needful Things is a hair-raising horror book. The author depicts the story of a shop named Needful Things in Castle Rock town. The owner of the shop tells every customer to do a prank with someone in the town. But it results in disputes among people. It is an exceptional book that will keep you hooked.

14- The Dead Zone:

The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone is a 1979 sci-fi thriller book. It is one of the Best Stephen Books. The story revolves around a school teacher Johnny. He wakes up from a coma after a long time, some part of the brain-damaged called the dead zone. He realized that he could see beyond normal and future events. It becomes a curse for him.

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15- Doctor Sleep:

Best Stephen King Books: Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep is the sequel to the book “The Shining”. It continues the story of Danny Torrence. Danny is known as Doctor Sleep. He wants to save a girl having the shine more than him. The book topped the New York Times Best Seller List. The movie adaptation of the same name was released in 2019.