Shurastra’s latest single “issues” Promises to Ignite Electro-Pop Enthusiasts

Issues Shurastra
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Shurastra unleashes his latest track, “issues,” featuring Lexi Scatena. Dive into the full song and don’t miss the captivating interview with Shurastra below.

Blending the finest elements of Electro-Pop, “issues” is an emotionally charged track that delves deep into the intricacies of a toxic relationship riddled with blame and unresolved issues.

The lyrics resonate with a sense of frustration and a refusal to accept responsibility for other’s mistakes and issues. Shurastra’s signature sound offers an energetic electro-pop vibe reminiscent of chart-toppers like The Chainsmokers and Illenium.

Bringing a distinctive dimension to ‘issues,’ Shurastra joins forces with the talented Lexi Scatena, a Los Angeles-based singer. Their collaborative efforts infuse the track with fresh and captivating energy, blending their musical talents to craft a remarkable auditory journey.


Shurastra Releases New Song, “issues” Ft. Lexi Scatena, Promises to Ignite Electro-Pop Enthusiasts

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In an interview with Shurastra:

Q.- Can you tell us more about the song?

Absolutely. “issues” is an electro-pop dance track that I produced about a year ago. The title reflects the core theme of the song, which revolves around the complexities of modern-day relationships. It’s designed to create a vibe that sticks with the listeners, blending contemporary electro-pop elements with a narrative that explores the highs and lows of love and human connection.

Q. – If not music, what else do you think you could be doing?

I have a computer engineering degree but probably I’d still be drawn to something creative. I’ve always enjoyed creative work, whether it’s in music, video direction, or any other form. Back in the day, I had fun experimenting with videos, directing, and playing around with screenplay scripting. Life has its twists, and I might be navigating through a tech-inspired canvas with a sprinkle of artistic flair.

Q.- Can you tell us about one of the best moments in your career?

I would say, one of the best times was when I got to open for W&W. It was my first time performing for a huge crowd – more than 10,000 people. The vibe and connection with the audience that night was unforgettable. It’s a memory that stuck with me, echoing in my mind.

Q. What is one of your earliest musical memories?

One of the most vivid recollections that comes to mind is the experience of waking up to the soothing melodies of morning prayers at my grandparents’ house. It was a daily ritual, and the musical component of it left a lasting impression on me. There was this unique sense of serenity that filled the air. It laid the foundation for a lifelong appreciation for the transformative power of music.


Shurastra is a music producer with an innovative approach to sound that transcends borders. With roots in India and an extraordinary vision of global sounds, Shurastra has been crafting music since 2014, combining versatility, passion, and a remarkable wellspring of inspiration.

In his musical journey, Shurastra has achieved significant milestones. He’s had the privilege of sharing stages with some of the most prominent names in the music industry, including DJmag’s 13th-ranked artists, W&W, and India’s electronic music sensation, Nucleya. He has also received support from known artists like Mariana Bo and had the privilege of participating in studio sessions on several occasions. His debut single, “Stay,” was powered by Warner Music Benelux.

Shurastra’s musical diversity spans electro-pop, future pop, and bass, with his latest release, “issues,” set to captivate audiences with its dynamic sound.

Beyond music, Shurastra’s background in computer engineering adds a unique technical edge to his artistic vision, setting him apart in the world of electronic music. ‘SHUR’ – Brave, ‘ASTRA’ – Weapon; SHURASTRA as the name suggests is fearless in expressing himself through his music.