Spotify Reveals Most-Streamed K-pop Songs & Artists of 2023

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Music stream platform, Spotify has unveiled its most-streamed K-pop songs and artists list of 2023, featuring NewJeans, Jungkook, and more. Check out the list below.

Spotify Wrapped 2023 lists are here, Spotify Korea also shared lists of the Top 10 most-streamed K-pop songs and K-pop artists this year. BTS member Jungkook‘s debut solo song ‘Seven (feat. Latto)’ emerged as the number-one most streamed song, with bandmate Jimin‘s ‘Like Crazy’ coming in at Number Three.

On the other hand, The most-streamed K-pop girl group in 2023 are BLACKPINK, who are also second on the overall list. Meanwhile, NewJeans clinch fourth place, with TWICE at Number Seven and LE SSERAFIM at Number Ten.

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Spotify Reveals Most-Streamed K-pop Songs & Artists of 2023

The most-streamed K-pop songs globally in 2023, according to Spotify Wrapped, are:

  1. ‘Seven (feat. Latto)’ by Jungkook
  2. ‘Cupid – Twin Ver.’ by FIFTY FIFTY
  3. ‘Like Crazy’ by Jimin
  4. ‘OMG’ by NewJeans
  5. ‘Ditto’ by NewJeans
  6. ‘Super Shy’ by NewJeans
  7. ‘Money’ by Lisa
  8. ‘Flower’ by Jisoo
  9. ‘Shut Down’ by BLACKPINK
  10. ‘Hype Boy’ by NewJeans

The most-streamed K-pop artists on Spotify globally in 2023 are:

  1. BTS
  3. Jungkook
  4. NewJeans
  5. Stray Kids
  6. Jimin
  7. TWICE
  9. Tomorrow X Together