20 Best Anime Cheerleader Of All Time

Best anime cheerleader

Hey folks! Are you excited to know the most famous anime cheerleader? No need to go anywhere, here we are presenting the most popular cheerleaders of all time. Animated series have breathed life into characters that not only captivate with their acrobatic prowess but also ignite inspiration through their unwavering spirit and contagious enthusiasm.

In this spotlight, let’s immerse ourselves in the enchanting realm of anime cheerleading and delve into the lives of some of the most renowned cheerleaders who have transcended the screen to capture the hearts of fans worldwide.

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These characters stand out not only for their skills on the mat but also for the compelling narratives that accompany their cheerleading journeys. Let’s explore the list of 20 best cheerleaders you need to know. Here we go.

1- Yurika Sakuragi

Anime Cheerleader: Yurika Sakuragi

Here is the cutest anime cheerleader, Yurika Sakuragi. She is an amazing character from “Cheerful!”. Yurika is a helpful person who is always ready to help her friends. She is also a state council member and plays her duties as well. Her ability to understand and connect with others on an emotional level and her emotional intelligence adds significant value to the team.

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2- Chiharu Mihara

Chiharu Mihara

Chiharu Mihara is a pivotal character in Cardcaptor Sakura. She is popular for her kindness and has a noble and respectful demeanor toward others. She, along with Sakura and Naoko, is a member of the school’s cheerleading squad. Chiharu possesses brown eyes and brown hair, typically styled in braided pigtails.

3- Alice Jinnai

Alice Jinnai

Alice Jinnai owns the Memphis Bats, the Minor League Triple-A team that Goro Shigeno became a part of during the Minor League Arc. She typically exudes a cheerful, outgoing demeanor and is deeply passionate about her team. Her brown hair makes her personality more appealing.

4- Shinka Nibutani

Anime cheerleader: Shinka Nibutani

Shinka Nibutani is a prominent character in the anime Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai! She belongs to the Far Eastern Magic Napping Society of Summer. Chinatsu Akasaki provides her voice in the original Japanese version and Maggie Flecknoe in the English Dub.

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5- Kanon Matsuura

 Kanon Matsuura

Kanon Matsuura plays a central role as a cheerleader in the popular anime Love Live! Sunshine!!. Kanan is part of AZALEA, a sub-unit under Aqours, and she founded the original group, serving as its leader. She finds joy in the simple pleasures of life, expressing happiness in appreciating the radiant sun, clear skies, and the sea every day.

6- Haruki Bandou

Haruki Bandou

Haruki Bandou is a key protagonist in Cheer Boys!!. He is an active member of the male cheerleading club, Breakers. Despite his gentle and shy demeanor, Haruki is willing to step out of his comfort zone to support his friends.

7- Kotetsu Tatejima

Anime cheerleader: Kotetsu Tatejima

Kotetsu Tatejima is a popular character from Anima Yell! She occasionally speaks without a filter, unintentionally saying the first thing. Kotetsu sports short, brownish hair with a ribbon tied in the back, forming a small bun. She is sensitive about her weight and tends to overeat frequently.

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8- Naoko Yanagisawa

Naoko Yanagisawa

Naoko Yanagisawa plays a supporting role as a cheerleader in Cardcaptor Sakura. She is a classmate of Sakura Kinomoto at school and is frequently seen alongside Rika Sasaki and Chiharu Mihara during school events. Naoko has a passion for reading different kinds of stories, particularly those in the fantasy and ghost genres.

9- Sakura Kinomoto

Sakura Kinomoto

Sakura Kinomoto is a lively and joyful girl. She may sometimes appear naive, clumsy, and unaware. Actively participating in her school’s cheerleading squad, Sakura is athletically inclined and excels as a runner, inheriting this skill from her father.

10- Miyuki Tachibana

Anime cheerleader: Miyuki Tachibana

Miyuki Tachibana is a mixed Feline and Human heritage girl from Planet Kagayaki. She takes refuge on Earth, specifically in Kiragaoka City, and embarks on various journeys in each Nekomusume Anime Adaptation. Miyuki comes across as a compassionate and courageous girl. She treats her classmates and allies with great respect.

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11- Eliza Kirihara

Eliza Kirihara

Eliza Kirihara is a famous anime cheerleader. Her unique leadership qualities shine through as she inspires and unites her squad under a common vision, showcasing her exceptional ability to lead. Anyone can fall for her blue eyes and blonde hair.

12- Ponpon


Ponpon’s steadfast commitment to teamwork, perseverance, and selflessness has solidified her as an unforgettable cheerleader. Her limitless enthusiasm and unyielding spirit act as a catalyst, motivating her teammates to achieve greatness and symbolizing their collective mission.

13- Michiru Sakura

Anime cheerleader: Michiru Sakura

Next up on the list, is Michiru Sakura from Paizuri Cheerleader VS Sakunyuu Ouendan! She goes above and beyond to ensure that each player has support on and off the field. Sakura is an irreplaceable member of the team because of her constant commitment and contagious energy.

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14- Madoka Kugimiya

Madoka Kugimiya

Madoka Kugimiya plays the role of the serious member among the three cheerleaders in the class, taking on the responsibility of keeping the others. She dislikes playboys and holds a mild obsession with her husky voice. Her surname often becomes the subject of nickname-making by her classmates, a practice she does not appreciate.

15- Hizume Arima

Hizume Arima

Hizume Arima is one of the best cheerleaders of the Cheer Club. As the tallest among the cheerleaders, Hizume sports long bluish-purple hair, complemented by an accessory that resembles a horseshoe. While Hizume is intelligent, polite, and articulate, her serious demeanor can sometimes come across as cold and standoffish to her peers.

16- Misa Kakizaki

Anime cheerleader: Misa Kakizaki

Misa Kakizaki, the leader of the class’s cheerleaders is also a member of the chorus club. She has a passion for shopping, but on the flip side, she dislikes carbonated drinks. Additionally, Misa has a strong liking for karaoke. She, along with Sakurako, Kugimiya, Fuka, and Fumika, was one of the last in class to discover the existence of magic.

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17- Lina Davis

Lina Davis

Lina Davis is a cheerleader from the anime Heroman. As the younger sister of William Davis, she hails from the affluent Davis family. Despite her family’s concerns that Joey’s economic status and lack of refinement might be a negative influence, she still likes him. She remains protective of both Will and Joey despite the evident disdain, hostility, and bullying.

18- Kana Ushiku

Kana Ushiku

Kana usually sports short, red twin tails, with a look reminiscent of cow ears from a specific angle. Kohane and the rest are amazed by the fact that she can fit into Uki’s uniform. At first, Kana comes across as brash, condescending, and highly hostile towards most members of the Cheer Association.

19- Kazuma Hashimoto

Anime cheerleader: Kazuma Hashimoto

Kazuma Hashimoto, also known as (Hashimoto Kazuma), is a primary character in the Cheer Boys!! series written by Ryō Asai. He is a first-year sociology student at Meishiin University and a member of the male cheerleading club known as the Breakers. Kazuma is an amiable and charismatic individual.

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20- Sakurako Shiina

Sakurako Shiina

Sakurako stands out as the most cheerful among the three cheerleaders in the class. Her affection for Negi is based on finding him cute rather than romantic feelings. She has a fondness for karaoke and takes joy in her pet cats, Cookie and Biscuit. Additionally, Sakurako is an active member of the lacrosse club. As a hobby, she engages in frequent gambling.

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