Interview With A Ghost Producer

Interview With A Ghost Producer
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Hello folks, In this article, we will see an interview with a Ghost producer & talk about a large army of creative units called ghosts. Who they are and what do they do? I managed to look behind the scenes of this mysterious creative sphere and talk with one such ‘ghosts’ – Anatolii Vered.

Q- ‘Are you a ghost?’

One of them (smiling).

Q- And why exactly the ‘ghost’? Where did it come from?

Probably, because ghost means “ghost”. We are ‘ghosts producers’.

Q- Sounds great. But, please, explain what it means?

Ghost producers are those who make music for others and sell it with all copyrights. But nobody sees or knows them. Also, these producers’ music is played everywhere. After buying the track, the client receives all the files and song rights. In the future, he can use this music as his own.

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Q- Then why do producers need to sell their tracks? Don’t they want to perform with their own music? Maybe it’s some kind of shyness?

It’s definitely not about shyness, although I can’t speak for everyone. Most of them (even the most talented) make a lot of attempts to release music on their own. However, there is no feedback, development, performances, popularity, etc. Plenty of serious linkages are required that would help to get on certain labels. In general, it is very nice when there is a team in which each member is engaged in its activities in promoting the artist.

Q- Tell us, please, in more detail.

I used to make music for many years. Mostly for myself. I enjoyed the process of honing each element. And when I had written the album, I wanted to share it with the world of music. I would send my tracks to different labels, but I didn’t get answers. Or I was required to completely remake the work. So, I did not want to agree.

Having left the idea with labels, I had created my own Ghost Production platform “I am Ghost Producer”, where I started to sell my own music.

Once a famous DJ wanted to buy one of my tracks (the same one that was recommended for reworking by the record label). We sold him a song. And the most interesting thing was that the label (on which I dreamt to release it) signed this track. However, on behalf of another DJ this time. It was a turning point in my life to some extent. I got that now, the name of the artist, and not his track, plays a higher part.

Q- Do you no longer make music after that incident?

I don’t. But it is not about desire or reluctance. I am completely focused on “I am a Ghost Producer”. I understood that I can realize myself in this field and help many talented musicians and DJs.

Q- And how many producers are on your platform now? Are there any who want to sell their tracks?

We currently have about fifty regular ghost producers. But in total, more than a hundred musicians have passed through our platform. Most of them are citizens of Eastern Europe and Latin America, although there are producers from other countries. Besides, some want to become team members of the “I am Ghost Producer”.

Q- Is it necessary to qualify for it?

Yes, because the number of applicants is immense. In the first stage, they fill out an application. We check whether these people are really who they pretend to be. Then, we scan their tracks for originality. It is safe to say that the first selection stage is a test of honesty because honesty is paramount to us. And the second step is the idea of the tracks
themselves and their quality.

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Q- What a serious selection!

Of course, we try to make the tracks have the highest quality possible. So that customers
buying them would be satisfied with our music and the cooperation itself.

Q- And what kind of music can potential customers find on your platform?

Everyone can find a track to their liking on the web page. There are about forty musical styles. Examples, such as Techno, Dance, Drum and Bass, Hip Hop/RnB, Dubstep, Disco, House, Electro House, Trance, Bass House, Future Bass, etc.

Q- And why do DJs and artists address you instead of making music on their own?

There are several reasons… For example, if we talk about famous artists, they do not have enough time to make music. For sure, there is something they create themselves. But nowadays, musical trends and preferences are changing so fast that there is not enough time to adjust and hone skills in a new style.

Another important reason is the artist’s attitude to ghost producers as part of his team. In this case, he acts as the face of the brand. And his team is involved in other issues.

Let’s take, for example, any well-known artist. His team includes agents, PR managers, booking and SMM managers, photographers and cameramen, etc. That is a large staff working for a common purpose.

Q- By the way, about the purpose. What are the further plans and goals?

We live in such times that plans have the property not to be realized. Now, we do what we like, without long-term plans.

Q- And if I wanted to become an artist, what would you recommend? Which music to buy on your platform to play with later? And in general, would I have a chance to become famous without music education, experience…?

I would advise everyone to start with their own musical likes and tastes. Don’t follow trends that are changing fast these days. It is better to play the music that you like; that inspires and motivates.

And as for music education, most famous DJs don’t have it. They study individually and learn all the basics of making music in practice.

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Q- And finally. What advice would you give to talented artists looking for their way? Maybe, would you invite them to your platform as ghosts or, conversely, they had better continue to sail on their own?

The short way is buying ready-made tracks from ghost producers, releasing them, and shooting music videos.

The long way is to make music yourself, study for years, and improve your skills.

But, of course, buying tracks on platforms is not a guarantee of success and fame. It is fantastic to have a team moving in one direction.

So, if you choose the shortcut, go to our website and buy exclusive and unique music with 100% copyright. Immediately after the purchase, you will receive all versions (Extended and Radio), track files (Stems and Midi), and a contract stating that you are the full owner of the song. And boom (it’s done)… You can immediately send this track to record labels,
publish it on social networks, play it at different events or festivals, and so on.

And those who want to sell their music welcome to our ghost producers’ team. Just go to the website, find the Become a Ghost Producer page and fill out the registration form.

Great! Fascinating information, Anatolii. Then, I wish you and your team success! Thank you for the Interview With A Ghost Producer!