Best Latin Movies You Better Not Miss

Best Latin Movies
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When it comes to producing movies, Hollywood is the best in business. However, gradually picking up the pace, we’re witnessing a boom in Latin movies.

Spanish ranks as the second most spoken language in the U.S. Besides, Latin people live around the globe, providing a greater audience for Spanish movies.

Over the years, Latin movies have been shoulder to shoulder-with English movies. In the past, settling down for one or two great Latin movies was the norm. Now, whatever comes out of Latin cinema becomes an instant hit. 

This article is all about the best Spanish-language movies, most of which may likely ring a bell. Others may seem unfamiliar, but they’re as enthralling as any Hollywood movie.

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Without further ado, let’s get started.

  1. Biutiful
  2. Ana Y Bruno
  3. Pain and Glory
  4. Roma
  5. Bottom Line


Most people, only familiar with Narcos or La Casa De Papel may not think of Latin cinema as having a soft and emotional side to it. Well, there’s no truth to it, and people who believe such a thing may not have seen Biutiful yet.

It’s a story of a single father working hard to make ends meet. Doing odd jobs involving funerals and dealing with illegal Chinese immigrants, a better future for his child is all he wants.

Soon, prostrate cancer hits him, leaving him hopeless for his child. As a grim future awaits his child, he steps us to change the circumstances.

Written and directed by Alejandro Gonzáles Iñárritu, a renowned Mexican filmmaker, this movie highlights the daunting struggles of a father. If you’re up for an emotional Latin movie that makes you feel alive and instills gratitude, Biutiful should be on your watchlist.

Ana Y Bruno:

Considered one of the most expensive animated movies coming out of Mexican cinema, Ana Y Bruno comes with an engrossing plot. The movie revolves around a little girl Ana, who with her mother, recently moved into a new home.

During her larks and mischief in the new house, she counters a creepy creature living in the house. As obvious, it adds to her mother’s troubles who faces a hard time dealing with the creature. What’s more, considering her weakening mental state due to her husband’s absurd absence, she embarks
on a mission to find her lost father.

Apart from the mild horror part, the movie includes some really light and hearty scenes. The story of a diligent little girl on a mission, solving her mother and, at the same time, looking for her lost father, it’s a must-watch to introduce yourself to Latin animated movies.

Pain and Glory: 

Pedro Almodóvar’s Pain and Glory was the only movie that gave Parasite a run for their awards in 2019.

Pain and Glory is a story heartfelt story of a director, way past his prime. Old and fighting numerous diseases, the director, Antonio Banderas contemplates his life choices.

From peeking at memories of her emotionally troubled but caring mother to reminiscing about the woman he loved, Antonio delves into the long-lost memories.

From a cinematic point of view, it may seem like any ordinary movie. However, Pedro’s direction provides an altogether different and versatile picture of a movie that many critics call a masterpiece.


This is a story of an upscale family in the 1970s. Revolving around the story of Antonio, Sofia, and their homekeeper, Cleo. Life seems good to them, until one day, Antonio decides to leave his wife Sofia, and 4 kids for his mistress. Sofia, not knowing how to deal with the kids, lies over and over again to them about their father’s disappearance.

In the meantime, Cleo finds out about her pregnancy and her boyfriend’s unwillingness to accept the baby. Fearing that her employer, Sofia would get rid of her, she discloses it hesitantly. To her surprise, instead of firing her, Sofia takes Cleo on a vacation along with her kids.

To most people, it may seem nothing more than a traditional movie without anything special to offer. But, it’s a must-watch for anyone fighting battles inside and out. The movie is successful in delivering the message that whenever there’s trouble, there’s a silver lining in it. All it takes is a keen eye and an open heart to seek out for that.

Bottom Line: 

There’s no doubt that Hollywood movies are top-class. With that said Latin cinema is gradually catching on them. In recent years, Latin cinema has produced many versatile movies and we’ve presented some of them for you to watch. Also, do let us know about some underrated Latin gems in the comment section so no one gets deprived of them. Adiós.

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