Top 10 Synthwave Music You Must Listen

Synthwave music
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Before talking about the top 10 Synthwave music. We should know about it, It is also known as outrun or future synth. It is a piece of electronic music on the theme of action, science-fiction, and horror film soundtracks in the 1980s. Synthwave reached wider popularity after being featured in the 2010s Netflix series Stranger. Things and the soundtracks of the 2011 film Drive So here we go.

Synthwave music

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Top 10 Synthwave Music You Must Listen:

1 – Fixions – Genocity (Dark Synthwave)

Genocity is a good representation of what we call cyberpunk! The power of dark synthwave music also in this Fixions album.

2 – Glitch Black Music

Fans of synth-wave music need to take a selective approach. This music is by emergent behavior, which released in 2018.

3 – Kyle & Michael Stein: Stranger Things Music

It is one of the best music which is used in stranger things. Kyle and Michael produced the music.

4 – Carpenter Brut – TURBO KILLER

This is the finest music given by CARPENTER BRUT in the year 2016. Seth Ickerman has written and directed the song.

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5) Kim Petras – Wrong Turn

One of the best synth wave music given by Kim Petras in the year 2019.

6 – Fixions – Neurotypics Extinction

In 2019 Fixions came with his new synthwave music named Neurotypics Extinction.

7 – Scandroid – Writing’s On The Wall Music

Album the “Light”, including the synth pop flavour of Writings on the Wall by Scandroid.

8 – Kalax – Calling Ft. Frankmusik

If you are searching for synth wave music, it is one of the best music by Kalax and Frankmusik.

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9 – Mickeal Oakley – Crystal Ships

There are several great songs by Michael Oakley’s new Introspect album. Still, the timeless songwriting quality and lyrical poetry on “Crystal Ships” makes it memorable synthwave tracks.

10 – Cybercity – A Synthwave Mix

If you prefer to listen synth wave music. Then this Cybercity is for you it is one of the best synth wave mix.