30 Best Cartoon Mice Characters That Are Adorable

Best Cartoon Mice
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Hello buddies! In this post, we are going to consider the best cartoon mice. Yes, you read it right. Animated characters left a strong impact on the audience. There have been numerous characters created in the animation industry. Some of them stand out and win viewers’ hearts. From sketching to animating to voicing these characters, they are born to look exactly like the image of the desired role. Agree or not, some cartoon characters hold special places in hearts.

They are adorable, cute, and affectionate to captivate the audience. And when it comes to animals, mice are one of the most popular cartoon characters. Whether they appear in a minor role, some are unique even though they all are mice.

Without further discussion, let’s move on to the list of the 30 best cartoon mice you should know. We have included the best mouse characters from cartoons, series, and movies as well. Here is the list. Let’s check out and know these adorable animated characters.

1- Jerry

Cartoon mice: Jerry

Jerry is one of the cartoon world’s most popular and loveable mice. Tom and Jerry are a famous duo from the series from the 90s. They have a massive fanbase and are still popular among the fans. Tom used to chase Jerry and he always used to counterattack Tom.

His naughty behavior and tantrums have been winning hearts for decades. Jerry and Tom are irreplaceable characters; both exist because of each other, their fights, and their bonding.

2- Timoty Q. Mouse

Timoty Q. Mouse

Timothy Q. Mouse is a famous animated character from the Disney movie Dumbo. The titular character Dumbo and Timothy are good friends. Timothy is always ready to help his friends. No matter the situation, he is brave enough to face it for his close ones. He also appeared in the television series “House of Mouse.”

Despite having a brave and rude personality, he is a loyal person. He cares for Dumbo and helps him to confound his worries. Timothy is a mouse, but he can confront several elephants who bully Dumbo without any fear.

3- Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Here is a Disney character that needs no introduction, the world-famous Mickey Mouse. He is one of the iconic cartoon mice who appeared in several shows. He made his debut with the short film Steamboat Willie back in 1928.

Nine cartoons of Mickey got nominations for the prestigious Academy Awards. However, the short film “Lend A Paw” earned an Academy Award. He has an amazing bond with friends, Pluto, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Daisy.

4- Miss Bianca

Miss Bianca

Miss Bianca is a mouse character from the book series Rescuers. She also appeared in the Disney film adaptation of the book i.e. “The Rescuers”. She has a charming personality and always wants to look pretty. Additionally, Bianca is a soft-hearted mouse who never ignores her duty as a member of the Rescue Aid Society.

On the other hand, her obsession with her appearance makes her more pretty. She is a cute white mouse with colored scarves, caps, and coats that always look attractive.

5- Nibbles


Nibbles is another appealing mouse from the Tom and Jerry series. The character first appeared in the sort The Milky Waif. The orphan mouse has another popular name i.e. Tuffy. He appeared in several episodes of the Tom and Jerry shorts and series.

Moreover, Nibbles is an adorable grey mouse who wears a white diaper. He appeared as Jerry’s sidekick or seems to be a relative. Nibbles is hungry most of the time and in search of food. He doesn’t think to escape when food is in front of him.

6- Minnie


Minnie is the popular love interest of Mickey Mouse. She also made her debut with the short film Steamboat Willie. She wears big head bows and polka-dot dresses. Daisy Duck and Minni e are best friends. Minnie is a cheerful, kind personality.

Sometimes, she gets herself in trouble because of her innocence. Even she creates problems for Mickey unintentionally. She is also a fashion icon. Minnie doesn’t like to take advice, she wants to do everything as per her will and rules.

7- Fievel Mousekewitz

Fievel Mousekewitz

Fievel Mousekewitz is the main character in the film An American Tail. He is a Russian Jewish mouse whose family immigrated to America. Fievel is a fearless, optimistic person who wants to reunite with his parents after they got separated in an accident.

However, Fievel puts himself in danger with his stupid actions. He has the guts and patience to overcome difficulties in his path. He is quite young to do so but his biggest strength is his positive attitude toward the worst scenarios.

8- Speedy Gonzales

Speedy Gonzales

Speedy Gonzales is one of the cutest cartoon mice from the Looney Tunes series. He also appeared in the Merrie Melodies. He is popular as The Fastest Mouse in All of Mexico. That’s because he runs amazingly fast. He tries to trick Sylvester the Cat and Daffy Duck.

Moreover, he wears a yellow sombrero, white shirt, and pants. His famous catchphrase is “¡Ándale!, ¡Ándale!, ¡Arriba!, ¡Arriba! ¡Epe!, ¡Epe!, ¡Epe! Yeehaw!”. That means “Hurry Up! Hurry Up! Up! Up!”.

9- Cousin Muscles

Muscles Mouse

As the name suggests, Cousin Muscles is a muscular cousin of Jerry in the Tom and Jerry franchise. He made his debut appearance in the episode Jerry’s Cousin. He appeared in various series including The Tom and Jerry Show, The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show, and Tom and Jerry in New York.

Cousin Muscles looks like Jerry except for his dressing. He wears a green hat and a black-yellow shirt. He can beat cats also including Tom. Jerry seeks help from him when in need.

10- Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse

Next up on the list is the superhero mouse Mighty Mouse. He made his first appearance in the short “The Mouse of Tomorrow” in 1942. Initially, his name was Super Mouse which changed to Mighty Mouse after the movie “The Wreck of the Hesperus.”

Moreover, the mouse possesses superpowers and immense strength to deal with dangers. The Mighty Mouse also appeared in the television series “The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse and Heckle & Jeckle,” “Mighty Mouse Playhouse,” and “Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures”.

11- Herman the Mouse

Herman the Mouse

Herman the Mouse is a mouse character from the Famous Studios show “Herman and Katnip.” He is always trying to knock out the cat Katnip. He is one of the most popular cartoon characters. Herman and Katnip’s comedic situations keep the audience entertained.

Further, Herman is clever and leads his four cousins. Mostly, Herman wins against dim-witted Katnip. The late comic actor Arnold Stang voiced the mouse.

12- Slowpoke Rodriguez

Slowpoke Rodriguez

Slowpoke Rodriguez is a cartoon mouse from Looney Tunes. He made his debut with “Mexicali Shmoes” and appeared as the cousin of Speedy Gonzales. Unlike Speedy, Slowpoke can’t run fast in chasing situations. He is slow but smart.

Rodriguez appeared in cartoons like “Mexican Boarders” and “The Looney Tunes Show.” He can hypnotize cats, and he hypnotizes Sylvester the Cat in the Mexican Boarders.

13- Roquefort the Mouse

Roquefort the Mouse

Roquefort the Mouse appeared in Disney’s animated film The Aristocats. He resides in a mousehole in the Bonfamille’s Residence. Unlike other cat-mouse rivalries, the film shows the friendship bond between a cat and mouse.

The little mouse Roquefort and the cat Duchess are good friends. Even, he is on good terms with her three kittens as well. Roquefort is a perfect example of a loyal friend, he helps Duchess despite his fear of other cats.

14- Stuart Little

Stuart Little

Stuart Little is a tiny mouse from the popular franchise Stuart Little. He is one of the cutest cartoon mice ever. Stuart became a part of a human family where he got love, warmth, and joy. He loves his new family a lot and he enjoys being with them.

However, Stuart faces several challenges along with it. He is a humble and loyal mouse who feels odd after getting apart from the Little family. The family has a pet cat Snowbell, and Stuart tries to befriend him.

15- Reepicheep


Reepicheep is one of the popular characters from the Chronicles of Narnia. He is the head of the Talking Mice of Narnia and a loyal subject to Aslan. He also appeared in Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and The Last Battle.

Moreover, Reepicheep has a rapier sword as his main weapon for combat. He participated in the Narnian Revolution and the Second Battle of Beruna. He is the sole native Narnian who travels toward the end of the world with Edmund, Lucy, and Eustace.

16- Jaq


Jaq is a loyal, kind, and clever mouse from the film Cinderella. He is the leader of the mouse and helps Cinderella in almost every situation. Jaq is a bosom friend of Cinderella. Despite his courageous behavior, he feels sensitive sometimes.

Jaq makes sure that his friends don’t face any problems alone. He is always there for them, especially Cinderella. He is a quick thinker and he takes actions faster than others.

17- Basil of Baker Street

Basil of Baker Street

Basil of Baker Street is the titular character from the novel series. He also appeared in the novel adaptation of the Disney film The Great Mouse Detective. Basil of Baker Street and Dr. David Q. Dawson together solve mysterious cases in the town. The story is based on the theme of the world-famous series Sherlock Holmes.

Moreover, Basil of Baker Street is also named the Sherlock Holmes of the Mouse World. Barrie Ingham voiced the popular detective mouse character in the film. Other than that, Val Bettin voiced Dr. David Q. Dawson.

18- Papa Mousekewitz

Papa Mousekewitz

Bernard Mousekewitz aka Papa Mousekewitz is a caring father from the movie An American Tail. His children are Fievel, Tanya, and Yasha. Bernard became an orphan because of a cat attack. He struggled a lot during his youth years without his parents.

Undoubtedly, he is a wise, strong, and supportive person. He loves the family and Fievel’s disappearance affected him a lot. Donny Gerard voiced the tall and brave Papa Mousekewitz.

19- Olivia Flaversham

Olivia Flaversham

Olivia Flaversham appears in Disney’s 1986 animated film “The Great Mouse Detective.” She is a young mouse who seeks help from the titular detective, Basil of Baker Street, to locate her kidnapped father. Olivia is usually an innocent, sweet little mouse.

She doesn’t like when someone mispronounces her surname. Olivia is one of the most beautiful female mice. She is willing to take chances despite her diminutive stature and youth to save her father and solve the mystery surrounding his absence.

20- Pinky 


Pinky is a character in the animated television series “Pinky and the Brain”. Pinky (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is a genetically engineered mouse that shares a cage with Brain at Acme Labs. He is a highly unpredictable and energetic mouse.

Although Pinky and Brain intend to rule the world, they do not display much enmity. He often accidentally disrupts Brain’s complex plans with his foolishness. Still, he remains faithful to his buddy.

21- Gus


Gus appears in Disney’s animated movie Cinderella. He is Jaq’s greatest friend but is relatively dim-witted in comparison to his buddy. Gus is known for his love of food, particularly cheese, and his relationship with Jaq is an important component of his character.

Furthermore, Gus is one of Cinderella’s devoted mouse companions and lives in her home with Jaq and the other mice. He is clumsy, kindhearted, and always willing to assist Cinderella with her duties.

22- Ralph Stilton

Ralph Stilton

Ralph Stilton is a character from the animated television series “Danger Mouse.” It’s a remake of the popular 1980s series. Ralph is a fellow spy and companion of Danger Mouse, the reboot’s main hero. He is a calm, controlled, and intellectual mouse.

He is popular for his intellect, creativity, and technical knowledge. Ralph likes to have cheese. Interstingly, his surname Stilton is a type of cheese. He usually wears a green suit that includes a green jacket, green dress slacks, and a white shirt.

23- Mallymkun


Mallymkun appears in Tim Burton’s live-action rendition of “Alice in Wonderland” from 2010. Barbara Windsor voices her. Mallymkun is protective of her companions, especially the White Rabbit. She is a fierce and faithful mouse who is part of the Underland rebel movement.

Mally supports Alice in her quest to defeat the Red Queen and bring peace to the Underland. Mallymkun’s diminutive stature conceals her tremendous drive and fighting spirit.

24- Tanya Mousekewitz

Tanya Mousekewitz

Tanya Mousekewitz is the eldest daughter of Mama and Papa Mousekewitz in An American Tail. She is a happy, optimistic, and compassionate young female mouse. She believes Fievel is alive despite her parents’ refusal to accept it.

Tanya receives a babushka for Hannukah at the start of the film, whilst Fievel receives his hat. She is a minor character in the first film, appearing in only a few moments. She assists her family in navigating the obstacles of life as immigrants in America.

25- Professor Ratigan

 Professor Ratigan

Professor Ratigan is a character from Disney’s movie The Great Mouse Detective. He is one of the antagonist cartoon mice. Professor Ratigan is a bright but evil rat who plots to demolish London’s mouse monarchy and become a ruler.

Ratigan is calm, sophisticated, and calculated, yet can quickly be pushed into a furious frenzy at the mere mention of Basil. Because Basil hindered his pretty intricate schemes.

26- Sniffles


Sniffles is a character from the animated shorts “Looney Tunes” and “Merrie Melodies”. He made his first appearance in the 1939 cartoon “Naughty but Mice.” Sniffles is a little, adorable, and curious mouse. He has wide and expressive eyes. His curiosity leads him into trouble.

Additionally, he is the cousin of Li’l Sneezer. He has also appeared in The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries, Tiny Toon Adventures, Space Jam, New Looney Tunes, and Bugs Bunny Builders.

27- Winslow T. Oddfellow

Winslow T. Oddfellow is a character in Nickelodeon’s animated television series “CatDog.” He is a blue mouse that lives next to and befriends the main animals, Cat and Dog. Winslow lives in CatDog’s residence and acts as both a confidant and an occasional opponent.

Winslow is recognized for saving CatDog from tumbling off the cliff, but his prize is taken away. He also became a member of the Forest Fire Boys. He often offers CatDog advice. However, it is not always useful.

28- Mortimer Mouse

Mortimer Mouse

Mortimer Mouse is Mickey Mouse’s long-time enemy. Mortimer is an arrogant, lustful, and charming mouse. He made his animated debut in the short Mickey’s Rival. Here he competed for Minnie Mouse’s affections against a jealous Mickey.

Mortimer is thought to be Minnie’s ex-boyfriend. He is arrogant and unpleasant, the polar opposite of his competitor. While he claims to love Minnie.

29- Blabber Mouse

Blabber Mouse

Blabber Mouse is a character from the Hanna-Barbera series “Snooper and Blabber.” Blabber is a little, bright mouse that acts as the sidekick of Snooper, the detective cat. He is a detective and a major character in the Yogi Bear series.

Blabber has grey fur, a black nose, black brows, and black whiskers. He wears a white trench coat with a broad collar and a purple hat with a black center strip.

30- Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack is a key character in Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers. He is a huge, adventurous mouse that acts as the Rescue Rangers’ muscle and cook. Monterey Jack, aka Monty, is noted for his Australian accent, fondness of cheese, and slogan “Cheese and crackers!”

Despite his easygoing personality, Monty has a tendency to become enraged, which can lead to battles with enemies. Monty hails from a wandering family and has spent most of his childhood exploring the world with his buddy Zipper.

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