5 Best Games Based on GPS: A Fun Guide For Gaming Enthusiasts

Best GPS Games
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Here we go guys, In this article, we will be looking for the Best Games Based on GPS: A Fun Guide For Gaming Enthusiasts. When playing games online, one thing that you crave is variety. Of course, you cannot play a single game again and again as it gets boring after some time. Therefore, gaming enthusiasts keep looking for new games to try out and it’s only fair as they play games regularly. 

If you’re a gaming lover as well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article today, we’re going to talk about games that require GPS. They’re relatively new and definitely exciting. We’ve compiled a list of the best games based on GPS for you, so stick around to find out more about it.

How Does a GPS-Based Game Work? 

What is a GPS-based game? How does it work? A lot of questions make rounds when you hear a new term. As mentioned earlier, the concept of GPS-based games is relatively new. A few years ago, there were no GPS-based games altogether and as of now, it has become a new trend in the gaming world. 

A GPS-based game is a kind of game that requires your location to progress and evolve. It’s a type of video game for smartphones that come with a GPS function. It requires you to switch on your location services and with your real-time location, helps you interact with your surroundings to catch different things or objects. The concept of GPS-based games is great for those who are sick and tired of sitting in front of their computer screen and want to enjoy gaming with a little physical activity. It’s no secret that video games have reduced physical activity in young adults, so GPS-based games are a welcome relief.

The Best GPS-Based Games of All-Time

If you’re starting your journey with GPS-based games, we have a list that you must take along. The following are some of the best GPS-based games. In case you haven’t tried them already, you must do it right away. 

Pokémon GO 

Pokémon GO is the most popular GPS-based game today. It takes you into a new world where you run after Pokémons and catches them by throwing poke balls. When you move around and take steps, your gaming avatar also moves and takes steps. In other words, it does everything you do and goes wherever you go. In the end, whoever catches all the Pokémon species wins the game. It’s available for both iOS and Android. Also, it’s free to download and play, so you don’t have to worry about the payment. 


Wokamon is another excellent GPS-based game. It provides you with a pet and gives you a walking routine as you take the pet out for a walk. When you walk in the real world, the pet walks in the gaming world with you. Also, it requires you to switch your walk into feed and energy as well as collect Wokamons on your way. It is one of the very few GPS-based games that you can play using your smartwatch.


Ranking third is Oma. It’s a classic multiplayer video game that has turned into a GPS-based game. It allows you to claim real-world landmarks, slay dragons, compete through dungeons, fight in PvP battles, collect armor and weapons, and build parties. Over and above that, it allows you to explore your surroundings as you walk around and collect over 1,000 different objects. 

Magic Streets

Magic streets are also one amazing GPS-based RPG game that offers an endless magical world in which you find craft stations, chests, traders, dungeons, and strangers. Also, it requires you to take on a pseudo-character where you can become an archer, a mage, or a knight. After taking on the persona, you move around and look for exciting events, dungeons, and bosses. Plus, to make it more exciting, it allows you to build a town, enhance skills, and customize your equipment.

Zombies, Run! 

Last but not least, Zombies, Run! is a fabulous GPS-based game that takes you into the world of zombies. It is more or less like Pokémon GO. In this game, you run around and hide from zombies while growing base and collecting supplies. The great thing is that it alerts you every time a zombie is nearby, even when a zombie makes a rattling groan or a guttural breath. 

How to Switch Locations and Enhance Your Gaming Experience? 

Needless to say, GPS-based games are super exciting but we cannot neglect the fact that one needs a little change from time to time. You cannot keep running in the same corners and expect the game to excite you. That’s right. It might sound boring after some time and the only way to find the monotony is by switching your location and trying out something new. 

Now the best thing is that switching the location is easier than you think. All you need to do is download a fast and secure VPN and switch it on every time you play the game. It will change your location and trick your game into thinking that you’re in another country or part of the world. In this way, it will alter your game and provide you with a new gaming experience. 

The Bottomline… 

Gaming enthusiasts know how it feels to try out a new game. GPS-based games have definitely become a new trend and of course, they’re amazing for not just your mind but your body as well as they increase your physical activity; hence, a must-try for all.