12 Best House Music In Chicago You Will Definitely Love

House Music in Chicago
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Here we go guys, In this article, you will see the best 12 Best House Music In Chicago. It is one of the genres of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) differentiated by the four-on-the-floor beat and tempo of around 120 to 130 beats per minute.

The DJs created this music who resided in Chicago and started a new underground culture in the clubs during the 1980s.

The genre was lead to existence by DJs and producers who mainly came from Chicago and New York. From the beginning in the clubs of Chicago, this genre expanded internationally so broad and too many other countries which gave it worldwide popularity and recognition.

So here comes the 12 best house music in Chicago you will definitely love.

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12 – Rhythm Is Rhythm – String of Life (1987)

Rhythm is Rhythm was made by Detroit DJ Derrick May who pioneered the futuristic variation on house music that became known as techno. His early techno music was largely instrumental and deliberately sounded machine-made.

May described it as “real minimal, industrial, sort of apocalyptic-that cold-hearted Detroit mentality.”

11 – Do You Know Who You Are – Virgo Four (1989)

Eric Lewis & Merwyn Sanders, the American duo behind Virgo Four’s productions got their place in history with the 1989 release “Do You Know Who You Are” on Trax Records (Chicago, USA).

The repercussion was so important that Larry Sherman, director of Trax Records negotiated on the same year of 1989 the license of this release on the English label Radical Records, where a single and an album came out.

10 – Chime – Orbital (1989)

It was based around a couple of simple but utterly hypnotic loops, ‘Chime’ rang out Orbital’s floaty take on house loud and clear. It also soundtracked countless chill-rooms across the land as the perfect example of ambient-leaning dance music which still had enough of a pulse to dance to, should you be able to drag yourself off the bean bag. 

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9 – “Jack Your Body” – Steve “Silk” Hurley (1987)

Jack Your Body’s story begins in Chicago in 1983, where a 21-year-old DJ from a middle-class family is moving away from home because his father won’t let him play clubs. Jack Your Body took off in British clubs in autumn 1986.

Garratt reckons that hits such as Paul Hardcastle’s 19 opened ears to new stuttering kinds of electronic pop, while the beat of 70s northern soul had a cousin in this new, urgent music. 

8 – “I’ve Lost Control” – Sleezy D. (1986)

Sleezy D is known for “I’ve Lost Control,” one of the first acid tracks to make it out of the Chicago clubs and into the world on wax (the actual “Acid Tracks” weren’t released until two years after they debuted at the Music Box).

Its dark and almost dystopian 303 basslines gave it a bite that DJs loved – and Ron Hardy, DJ overall DJs, loved to bits.

7 – “Deep Inside” – Hardrive (1993)

“Deep Inside” is a House music classic and has an iconic vocal sample from a Barbara Tucker track “Beautiful People” which came out around the same time. The whole track is based around a simple two-chord pattern and has subtle percussion in the beat. It has been remixed countless times over the past two decades.

6 – “Can You Feel It” – Mr Fingers (1986)

American DJ Pierre picked “Can You Feel It” as one of his “classic cuts”, saying, “When you hear this it feels like you’re on cloud nine. The track uses an organ that is played like strings – long chords which are held and not stabbed. Everyone who hears that song just mellows out and goes back to a time when things were perfect in their lives.

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5 – “French Kiss” – Lil’ Louis

This number from Chicago is one of the very first house tracks to enjoy considerable commercial success and heavy club airplay on its release. Even one listen to its infectious, unrelenting groove and orgasmic tempo shifts are enough to understand exactly why it got everyone so excited.

4 – “Move Your Body” – Marshall Jefferson (1986)

Sometimes known as the father of house music, Jefferson was originally a record producer in the Universal Recording Studios in Chicago, where he met the owner of Trax Records, Larry Sherman. Jefferson’s 1986 single for Trax, “Move Your Body (The House-Music Anthem),” the first house song to use piano, was a popular and influential song in the genre.

3 – “No Way Back” – Adonis

Adonis’ first single for Trax was his peak for the label, though it’s best found now on Chicago compilations. It’s an aggressive, throbbing acid-house jacket that’s arguably heavier on the electro influences than a house. The intoned chorus of “too far gone/ain’t no way back” is a much-sampled tagline.

2 – “Beyond The Clouds” – Mr Fingers (1986)

The iconic Chicago house label Trax was notoriously cheap with vinyl, its pressings shoddy and thin. (Some have reported finding bits of paper in Trax pressings, a few have even found cigarette butts pressed into the vinyl.) “Beyond the Clouds” is deeply moving and quietly haunting, melancholy strings swelling over a minimal synth line and the barest of beat.

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1 – “On and On” – Jesse Saunders (1984)

In the history of Chicago house music, this is an important early single. It really goes without saying that this track is, and always will be, the business – pure, primitive drum-machine heaven. Comes backed up with five original stripped-back rhythm tracks to add to the fun.