20 Best Memorial Day Songs To Celebrate – Patriotic

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Originally known as “Decoration Day”. It is a celebration day to shower honor and respect men and women who died serving in the U.S military. So, for all the military personnel fans here are some memorial day songs that will help you understand the hardships they go through.

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Memorial Day was celebrated every year on 31st May. The Civil war took a huge toll on the country and took more lives than any crisis that happened in U.S’s history.

The civil war ended in the year 1865, but the stains remained. So, the townsfolk and people from the various cities started showing their respect to the fallen heroes who decorated a beautiful path for the people in the country.

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It still doesn’t know that how the culture was started, but various people and communities independently started to make the memorial meeting. It still doesn’t know that who introduced Memorial Day. But in 1966, The Federal government declared Waterloo, Newyork, where Memorial Day took its birth.

As the U.S is one of the most powerful countries in the world, they almost took part in all the wars. Whether it was World War 2, The Vietnam War, etc. they had to lose many soldiers altogether. Memorial Day is the last Monday in the month of May which helped in creating a three-day weekend for all the federal employees in the country.

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On this auspicious day, people around the county visits various graves. As it contains the veterans who gave their lives to protect their country and the people in it. So, today I am here with a list of the best 20 memorial day songs which will make you more patriotic, kind, and humble.

20 Best Memorial Day songs to celebrate – Patriotic

20. “America Will Always Stand,” Randy Travis – 2004

19. “An American Heart,” Faith Hill – 2012

18. “Go Rest High on That Mountain,” Vince Gill – 1994

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17. “All-American Girl,” Carrie Underwood — 2007

16. “God Bless America Again,” Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty – 1972

15. “Arlington,” Trace Adkins – 2005

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14. “Soldier’s Last Letter,” Merle Haggard – 1970

13. “I Drive Your Truck,” Lee Brice – 2012

12. “America the Beautiful,” Lee Greenwood — 1992

11. “Think,” Aretha Franklin — 1968

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10. “Color Me America,” Dolly Parton — 2003

9. “Whenever You Remember,” Carrie Underwood — 2005

8. “50,000 Names”, George Jones – 2001

7. “America,” Simon and Garfunkel — 1968

6. “19” by Waycross – 2011

5. “This Land is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie – 1940

4. “The Ones Who Didn’t Make it Back Home,” Justin Moore — 2019

3. “Something to Be Proud Of” by Montgomery Gentry – 2004

2. “God Bless the U.S.A.,” Lee Greenwood – 1984

1. “Born in the U.S.A.,” Bruce Springsteen – 1984

So, this is the list of the top 20 best memorial songs which will definitely boost your patriotism towards your country.