20 Best Sexy Korean Movies You Must Watch

Sexy Korean Movies
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Hey folks! Hope you are doing well. In today’s post, we will discuss the best sexy Korean movie you are looking for. We have compiled a list of the best 20 movies. As you know, South Korea has become known for producing films that deftly blend captivating storylines. Notable for its adaptability and audacious narratives, the Korean cinema industry has made a name for itself in the adult-oriented genre, pushing the limits of sensuality and seduction.

Moreover, Sexy Korean movies have become known for fusing sensuality with sophisticated plotlines, resulting in a cinematic experience that is both provocative and thought-provoking. From sizzling romantic dramas about forbidden love to dramatic thrillers about desire as a cause for anxiety, these films have left an indelible mark on modern cinema. Let’s explore the list of the best Sexy Korean movies without any further ado. Here we go.

1- My Sassy Girl

Sexy Korean Movie: My Sassy Girl

The film tells the story of real-life events shared by Kim Ho-sik through online blog posts. Kim recounted his experiences with his girlfriend, and the movie adaptation features Cha Tae-hyun as Gyeon-woo, a college student.

Gyeon-woo encounters a lively and unpredictable girl, portrayed by Jun Ji-hyun and known as “The Girl” in the film. It was the highest-grossing comedy of all time in South Korea.

  • Directed By: Kwak Jae-Yong
  • Cast: Jun Ji-Hyun, Kim In-Moon, Cha Tae-Hyun, Song Ok-Sook, Han Jin-Hee, etc.
  • Release Date: 27 July 2001

2- Whatcha Wearin’?

Whatcha Wearin'?

Whatcha Wearin’? is a sexy Korean movie released in 2012. Yoon-jung unintentionally contacts a random stranger, Hyun-seung, a man who is struggling to get over his ex-girlfriend, instead of her partner.

She eventually has phone sex with him, and they feel comfortable with one other and begin discussing their relationship matters.

  • Directed By: Byun Sung-Hyun
  • Cast: Ji Sung, Shin So-Yul, Kim Ah-Joong, Moon Ji-Yoon, Kang Kyung-Joon, Kim Sung-Oh and others
  • Release Date: 6 December 2012

3- Nothing Serious

Nothing Serious

Nothing Serious is a romantic 2021 Korean film. The movie explores relationships in the digital era, blending elements of classic romantic comedies with contemporary technology.

The movie revolves around a man and a woman who both dislike dating but experience loneliness. The plot illustrates how they connect using a dating app.

  • Directed By: Jeong Ga-young
  • Cast:  Jeon Jong-Seo, Son Suk-Ku, Bae Yoo-ram, Gong Min-Jeung, Kim Seul-Gi, Kim Jae-Hwa, etc.
  • Release Date: 24 November 2021

4- The Handmaiden

Sexy Korean Movie: The Handmaiden

The film is based on Sarah Waters’ novel “Fingersmith“. However, it is set in Japanese-occupied Korea in the 1930s. It focuses on Sook-hee, a young woman employed as a handmaiden to Lady Hideko, a Japanese heiress.

On the other hand, Sook-hee is implicated in a conspiracy to cheat Lady Hideko of her inheritance. As the story progresses, the film delves into themes of deception, betrayal, and the characters’ complicated relationships.

  • Directed By: Park-Chan Wook
  • Cast:  Kim Min-Hee, Moon So-Ri, Kim Tae-Ri, Ha Jung-Woo, Cho Jin-Woong, and others.
  • Release Date: 14 May 2016

5- The Villainess

The Villainess

The Villainess made its global debut at the 70th Cannes Film Festival. The film drew recognition for its violent action sequences and distinct storytelling style.

Moreover, the plot revolves around a lady named Sook-hee who is raised as an assassin and eventually becomes one of the deadliest murderers.

  1. Directed By: Jung Byung-Gil
  2. Cast: Kim Ok-Vin, Min Ye-Ji, Shin Ha-Kyun, Sung Joon, Kim Seo-Hyung, and Jo Eun-Ji.
  3. Release Date: 21 May 2017

6- Oasis


Oasis is a sexy Korean movie you would like to watch. Sol Kyung-gu and Moon So-ri play the lead roles in the film. It narrates the complicated and unique connection between a man with a modest intellectual disability and a lady with cerebral palsy.

The story progresses as the two protagonists, Jong-du and Gong-ju, meet and build a bond despite societal biases and hurdles.

  • Directed By: Lee Chang-Dong
  • Cast: Sol Kyung-Gu, Moon So-Ri, Ryoo Seung-Wan, Ahn Nae-Sang, and others.
  • Release Date: 15 August 2002

7- The Beauty Inside

Sexy Korean Movie: The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside is a rom-com movie released in 2015. It is an interesting story of the protagonist Woo-jin. He wakes up every morning and becomes a different person.

Different actors played the role of different versions of Woo-Jin. Managing relationships becomes quite challenging due to this condition, yet he falls in love with a woman named Yi-soo, portrayed by Han Hyo-Joo.

  • Directed By: Baik
  • Cast: Han Hyo-Joo, Kim Dae-Myung, Do Ji-Han, Bae Seong-woo, Park Shin-Hye Lee Beom-Soo, and Park Seo-Joon.
  • Release Date: 20 August 2015

8- 3-Iron


3-Iron debuted in competition at the 61st Venice International Film Festival in September 2004, where it won Kim the Silver Lion for Best Direction. The movie centers around Tae-suk, a teenage nomad. He steals into people’s houses when they are gone.

Surprisingly, not to steal but to live temporarily. He snaps pictures to leave as evidence of his existence and finally meets Sun-Hwa, a mistreated lady. Watch out for the film to know what happens next.

  • Directed By: Kim Ki-Duk
  • Cast: Lee Seung-Yeon, Kwon Hyuk-ho, Lee Mi-Suk, Choi Jeong-ho, Moon Sung-hyuk, and Jae Hee.
  • Release Date:29 April 2005

9- Lover’s Concerto

Lover's Concerto

Lover’s Concerto is a sexy Korean movie. The tale’s protagonists are Yu-jin, a high school student, and Joon-woo, a college student. When Joon-woo finds a journal that a previous renter left behind, he is enthralled with the tale of the girl.

The movie explores themes of love, fate, and connection by fusing the stories of the past and present.

  • Directed By: Lee Han
  • Cast: Cha Tae-Hyun, Moon Geun-young, Lee Eun-Ju, Son Ye-Jin, Park Yong-woo, Kim Nam-Jin, etc.
  • Release Date: 13 September 2002

10- Mood of The Day

Sexy Korean Movie: Mood of The Day

Mood of The Day revolves around the sports manager Kim Jae-Hyun. All he wants is for a young yet talented player named Kang Chul to be sent to America. He must discover and persuade Kang Chul in Busan to achieve his goal.

Bae Soo-jung, meanwhile, is employed at an advertising firm and has a business trip that requires her to fly to Busan. The two spend a day in the foreign city of Busan, South Korea, after meeting on the KTX train.

  • Directed By: Jo Kyu-Jang
  • Cast: Moon Chae-Won, Jo Jae-Yoon, Kim Seul-Gi, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Park Min-Woo, Lee Yeon-Doo, etc.
  • Release Date: 14 January 2016

11- The Isle

The Isle

The Isle” got mixed reviews for its graphic material and contentious sequences, which included self-harming. A deaf lady runs a fishing resort beside a secluded lake in the setting of the film. As a guy seeking safety comes, the storyline takes a sinister turn.

Afterward, a complicated and unsettling bond forms between the two protagonists. The movie looks at issues like loneliness, desire, and the results of deeds.

  • Directed By: Kim Ki-Duk
  • Cast: Suh Jung, Kim Yu-Seok, Jae-Hyun Cho, Hang Seon Jang, Son Min-Seok, etc.
  • Release Date: 22 April 2000

12- 20th Century Girl

20th Century Girl

20th Century Girl is a 2022 South Korean movie. The narrative, which takes place in 1999, centers on Na Bo-ra, a brilliant high school student. Yeon-du, Bo-ra’s closest friend, had been getting ready to travel to the US for heart surgery.

However, she abruptly says she can’t go because she’s fallen in love with a boy from their school. It debuted at number two on Netflix’s global ranking of the week’s top ten non-English movies within just three days of its release.

  • Directed By:  Bang Woo-Ri
  • Cast: Kim Yoo-jung, Byeon Woo-seok, Han Hyo-joo, Park Jung-woo, Roh Yoon-seo, and others.
  • Release Date: 6 October 2022

13- Love Forecast

Sexy Korean Movie: Love Forecast

Love Forecast is a sexy Korean movie released in 2015. Moon Chae-won and Lee Seung-gi play the key parts. The film centers on the lives of Joon-soo, a weather forecaster, and Hyun-woo, a buddy from boyhood.

Known for his lively and carefree demeanor, Joon-soo starts to come to terms with his actual feelings for Hyun-woo as they work through the challenges of friendship and love desire.

  • Directed By: Park Jin-Pyo
  • Cast: Lee Seung-gi, Moon Chae-won, Hong Hwa-ri, Lee Seo-jin, and Jung Joon-young.
  • Release Date: 15 January 2015

14- Seducing Mr Perfect

Seducing Mr. Perfect

The protagonist of the tale is Min Joon, a successful and intelligent employee at a posh hotel. She sets out to woo her successful and charming new employer Robin Heiden, to win a bet with her friends.

But things flip around when Robin shows that he’s more than just a playboy. Eventually, the two start dating.

  • Directed By: Kim Sang-woo
  • Cast: Uhm Jung-Hwa, Baek Do-Bin Daniel Henney, Choi Jong-ryol, Holly Karrol Clark, etc.
  • Release Date: 7 December 2006

15- Sweet & Sour

Sweet & Sour

The next movie on our list, Sweet and Sour is based on Kurumi Inui’s novel “Initiation Love”. The plot centers on Jang Ki-Yong and Chae Soo-bin as a couple navigating the highs and lows of their love.

The film depicts the difficulties of preserving love in the face of life’s stresses. It was released in 2021 on Netflix rather than the theatrical release due to the pandemic.

  • Directed By: Lee Gye-Byeok
  • Cast: Jang Ki-Yong, Chae Soo-bin, Krystal Jung, Lee Woo-je, Choi Hwan-yi, and Shin Joon-Hang.
  • Release Date: 4 June 2021

16- Il Mare

Sexy Korean movie: Il Mare

Another sexy Korean movie is Il Mare featuring Lee Jung-Jae and Jun Ji-Hyun in lead roles. Sung-Hyun and Eun-Jae share the same home named “Il Mare” but are two years apart in time.

They can converse through a mystery mailbox that enables letters to be sent over the time gap. A special and moving love tale develops when they learn they are living in separate years through their correspondence.

  • Directed By: Lee Hyun-Seung
  • Cast: Lee Jung-Jae, Jun Ji-Hyun, Kim Mu-Saeng, Jo Seung-Yeon, Min Yun-Jae, etc.
  • Release Date: 9 September 2000

17- A Man and A Woman

A Man and A Woman

Lee Yoon-ki is the director of the romance drama “A Man and a Woman” (2015), which is produced in South Korea. Gong Yoo and Jeon Do-Yeon play the lead characters in the film.

The story centers on two people who meet while traveling to Finland with their separate kids. Despite their own challenges and emotional baggage, they connect and find comfort in one another when they spend time together.

  • Directed By: Lee Yoon-Ki
  • Cast: Jeon Do-Yeon, Gong Yoo, Lee Mi-so, Park Byung-Eun, Park Min-ji, and Yoon Se-ah.
  • Release Date: 25 February 2016

18- Tune In For Love

Tune In For Love

Tune In For Love is a romantic tale of a couple Mi-su and Hyun-woo. The story takes place in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and centers on the developing romance between them.

Over the years, their paths would occasionally cross after meeting in a bakery. In fact, the movie uses the backdrop of shifting music trends to examine how timing and life events affect their relationship. Tune in for Love was screened at the London East Asia Film Festival.

  • Directed By: Jung Ji-woo
  • Cast: Kim Go-Eun, Jung Hae-in, Jung Yoo-jin, Kim Gook-hee, Kwon Eun-soo, Park Hae-Joon, etc.
  • Release Date: 28 August 2019

19- Too Beautiful To Lie

Sexy Korean Movie: Too Beautiful To Lie

Too Beautiful To Lie is a Korean rom-com film released in 2004. The story revolves around Joo Young-ju. She is a small-time con artist (Kim Ha-neul), who unintentionally gets caught up in a miscommunication.

His family believes her to be Choi Hee-chul (played by Kang Dong-won), the guy she is engaged to. She tries to fix the error, but circumstances force her to keep acting as Hee-chul’s fiancée.

  • Directed By: Bae Hyeong-jun
  • Cast: Kim Ha-neul, Gang Dong-won, Song Jae-ho, Kim Ji-young, Ku Hye-ryung, Lee Chun-hee, and others.
  • Release Date: 20 February 2004

20- Be With You

Be With You

Be With You is a remake of the Takuji Ichikawa novel that served as the basis for the 2004 Japanese movie of the same name. The main characters of the narrative are Woo-jin and Ji-ho.

Woo-jin and Ji-ho re-discover his wife Soo-ah, during the rainy season, a year after her passing. With no recollection left, Soo-ah shows up in front of them promising to stay with them till the conclusion of the rainy season.

  • Directed By: Lee Jang-hoon
  • Cast: So Ji-sub, Lee Yoo-jin, Son Ye-jin, Kim Hyun-soo, Kim Ji-hwan, and others.
  • Release Date: 14 March 2018

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