15 Best Undertale Characters You Must Know

Undertale Characters
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Hey readers, welcome back! Today, I will take you through Undertale Characters. Excited? Let’s dig in. 

To begin with, “Undertale” is a popular video game known for its unique storytelling and gameplay. Furthermore, The game features various characters, each with distinct personalities and roles.

Moving on, The Characters are memorable due to their diverse traits and interactions. “Undertale” stands out for its blend of humor, emotion, and choices that impact the story.

Additionally, The game’s appeal comes from its creative world, music, and player-driven narrative.

Apart from this, Players connect with characters through decisions, making them feel invested in the story. Overall, The game’s charm and depth make characters relatable and discussions among fans common. Watch here.

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List Of Undertale Characters:

1- Sans


Sans is a character from the popular indie video game “Undertale,” created by Toby Fox. He is a laid-back skeleton who plays a pivotal role in the game. Sans’ character has gained immense popularity among fans.

 It is due to his humor, mysterious background, and philosophical insights. His impact on gaming culture is evident through various fan creations, memes, and references in other media.

2- Flowey


Flowey, also known as “Omega Flowey” or “Photoshop Flowey,” is another important character from the video game “Undertale,” created by Toby Fox. 

Flowey starts as seemingly friendly and helpful but later reveals his true nature as malicious and sadistic. 

He lacks empathy and treats others as a means to an end, seeking to gain power and control over the Underground.

Moving on, Flowey’s character explores themes of nihilism, the consequences of a lack of empathy, and the power of determination in the context of the game’s story. 

His complex and sinister personality makes him a memorable and intriguing character in Undertale’s narrative.

3- Toriel


Toriel, also known as “Queen Toriel” or “Mom,” is a beloved character from the video game “Undertale,” 

It was created by Toby Fox. Toriel appears as a kind-hearted anthropomorphic goat with white fur, a pair of horns, and a long, flowing robe. 

She has a gentle and nurturing demeanour, which matches her role as the caretaker of the Ruins, the first area the player explores in the Underground.

4- Undyne


Undyne is a prominent character from the video game “Undertale,” created by Toby Fox. She is a tough and determined warrior, known for her unwavering loyalty and strong sense of justice. 

Undyne plays a significant role in several routes of Undertale. Furthermore, In the “Neutral Route,” she is encountered as a formidable opponent who engages the player in a challenging boss battle. 

However, depending on the player’s choices, she can also become an ally and friend.

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5- Papyrus


Papyrus is another memorable character from the video game. it is created by Toby Fox. Well, He is the energetic and somewhat naive brother of Sans and plays a significant role in the game. 

6- Alphys


Alphys is a brilliant but socially awkward reptilian monster who serves as the Royal Scientist in the Underground, the world where the game is set.

Throughout the game, Alphys is known for her interest in human pop culture and her involvement in various scientific experiments.

7- Mettaton


Mettaton’s creator is Alphys, the Royal Scientist. Alphys designed Mettaton to capture human souls and become an idol. 

Mettaton’s character plays a role in exploring themes related to fame, entertainment, and identity. 

8- Asgore


Asgore is introduced as a kind and gentle character who cares deeply for his people. 

However, he is also burdened by the responsibility of breaking the barrier between the monsters’ realm and the human world. 

Asgore’s character is defined by the tension between his desire to free his people and his reluctance to take the lives of humans. 

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9- Chara


Chara is the first human to have fallen into the Underground, where monsters reside. 

Chara’s role and significance in “Undertale” tie into the game’s exploration of morality, consequences, and the player’s agency in shaping the narrative. 

10- Frisk 


Frisk is the human child that the player controls throughout their journey in the Underground, the world of the game. Furthermore, Frisk is a silent protagonist, meaning they don’t have any spoken lines or established personality traits. As the player’s avatar, Frisk’s actions and decisions are determined by the player’s choices, influencing the course of the game’s narrative.

11- Napastablock

Napstablook is one of the intriguing characters. Basically, he has a ghost-like appearance. He lives in the waterfall and loves music. In addition to this, he is very polite. 

12- W.D. Gaster

W.D. Gaster

Gaster is not a character that directly appears in the game, but rather, they are mentioned through various hidden lore elements and Easter eggs. 

Because of the fragmented and hidden nature of Gaster’s presence, the character has become a subject of fascination among “Undertale” fans.

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13- Snowdrake


Snowdrake is a pun-loving comedian who aspires to be a stand-up comedian, just like their father. They have a unique appearance, resembling a dragon with ice-based abilities. 

Snowdrake is just one of the many quirky and memorable characters in “Undertale. 

14- Temmie 


Temmie is a species of monster that lives in the Temmie Village, a hidden area within the game.

Temmie has become a fan-favourite character due to their endearing personality and interactions. Their appearance, speech, and behavior contribute to the lighthearted and whimsical atmosphere of “Undertale.”

15- Woshua


Woshua appears as a floating creature resembling a washing machine with eyes. Woshua has a distinct personality and behavior, and their interactions with the player are often lighthearted and humorous.

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