These Cute Cat Girl Anime Characters Will Steal Your Heart

Cat Girl Anime Characters
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Cat Girl Anime is a term that gets used a lot on the internet. It refers to anime where the main character is a cat. Cat Girl Anime characters are often a subset of the larger magical girl genre.

The term Cat Girl Anime refers to any anime that features a protagonist who is a young girl of either human or animal descent. The cat girl is typically depicted as being in her teens, having cat ears and a tail, and is usually associated with the color pink. Cat girl characters describe as being innocent and innocent, or bold and confident.

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15 Beautiful Cat Girl Anime Characters You Must Know

1 – Himari Noihara

Himari Noihara Cat Girl Anime Characters
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Himari Noihara is the eponymous female good character of Omamori Himari. She is a cat nightmare, who pledged an oath to guard the male protagonist Yuuto Amakawa against the enemy Ayakashi when he pivots sixteen. The oath drafted back to her predecessor, whose life was spared by the ancestor of the Amakawa Family.

2 – Ichigo Momomiya

Ichigo Momomiya
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Ichigo Momomiya is one of the cute cat anime characters from the anime series Tokyo Mew Mew, and the main character and heroine of the story. She is the first of the Mew Mews and her D.N.A merged with an Iriomote cat. She is full of energy, elegant, and tolerating even in her civil form.

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3 – Koneko Tōjo

Koneko Tōjo Cat Girl Anime Characters
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Koneko Toujou is one of the cute cat anime characters of the light novel and anime series High School DxD, voiced by Ayana Taketatsu in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Jad Saxton in the English version of the anime.

Koneko is a cold girl, infrequently exhibiting any feelings or sentiments, even when she was speaking. She is also a nekomata and the younger sister of Kuroka.

4 – Nozomi Kiriya

Nozomi Kiriya
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Nozomi Kiriya is a creepy cat girl that Otome Tsuzuki gathered up at the train station on the way home. Also one of the main heroines. She reached at the Stray Cats, not demonstrating anything about herself but her name.

Nozomi generally manages to be indifferent and impassive, but she seems to be airheaded when it comes to matters like being nude.

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5 – Ao Nanami

Ao Nanami Cat Girl Anime Characters
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Ao Nanami is one of the major characters in the Yozakura Quartet series. She is a satori yōkai, a resident of Sakurashinmachi, and the younger sister of Gin Nanami who performs at the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office.

Ao is a short light-skin girl with sharp blue chin-length hair that has two “antennas” comparing cat ears atop her head, blue eyes and she has a thin build. She is one of the Cute Cat Girl Anime Characters ever.

6 – Dejiko

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Di Gi Charat aka Dejiko, is the leading good character in the anime of the same name created by Koge-Donbo. Dejiko is a queen of a planet that is also called Di Gi Charat, also described as a catgirl which is accentuated by her finishing each sentence with the cat sound ‘NYO’.

Dejiko is the company mascot of Gamers, a retail chain of Broccoli, the production company for Di Gi Charat.

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7 – Natsuki Sasahara

Natsuki Sasahara Cat Girl Anime Characters
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Natsuki Sasahara, is one of the leading Lilpris & the muscular tomboy of the group, and her Ma-Pet is a dragon Ryoku. Her signature colors are black, green, and purple.

Natsuki is extremely sweet and kind to everyone and always enthusiastic to help protect the weak and keep the law. Her character is very feline; she will eat cat food, groom herself like a cat, and plays with rope and other moving objects. She is one of the Cute Cat Girl Anime Characters ever.

8 – Millianna 

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Millianna is a very positive, peppy individual. She has a great love for cats and declines to see them hurt in any way. She also attempts to mimic a cat, from dressing up like one to meowing.

Millianna is one of Erza Scarlet’s childhood friends from their days as slaves at the Tower of Heaven, having worked as one of Jellal’s minions for a time. She is presently a Mage of the all-female guild—Mermaid Heel.

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9 – Tsumiki Miniwa

Tsumiki Miniwa
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Tsumiki Miniwa is one of the cute cat anime characters of Acchi Kocchi. She is a student at the Nekoge Prefectural High School, along with Io Otonashi, Mayoi Katase, Hime Haruno, and Sakaki Inui.

She is fierce to the point of violence towards acts of teasing. This is personified when the teasing is about Tsumiki and Io’s relationship and interactions.

10 – Ibaraki-Douji

Ibaraki-Douji Cat Girl Anime Characters
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Ibaraki-doujiWP, is a Berserker-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. In her childhood, Ibaraki-douji exactly disciplined by her mother. She is one of the Cute Cat Girl Anime Characters ever.

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11 – Rem Galleu

Rem Galleu
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Rem Galleu is one of the female protagonists of the series. She is a Pantherian who evolved as an invoker, telling her to aim to exterminate the Demon King Krebskrem. Later demonstrated that the soul of Krebskulm lives in her body and in case she dies the soul will be released.

12 – Kirara Bernstein

Kirara Bernstein
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Kirara Bernstein is a geriatric member of the GJ-Club & always seen consuming the meat of some sort and she supervises to be very possessive of it. She can talk to cats and she has a massive apprehension of spiders due to being chewed by a nasty one when she was younger.

Kirara is a lofty girl with blue eyes and short blonde hair that shaped into cat ears. She is very familiar with people and even more so with cats. She is very passionate about sports too.

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13 – Cyan Hijirikawa

Cyan Hijirikawa
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Cyan Hijirikawa aka Cyan is one of the cute cat anime characters of the Show by Rock series. She is a gothic lolita kitty and the most contemporary member of the band Plasmagica. Cyan is a pale-skinned girl with big, shiny emerald green eyes. Her hair is very dark blue, almost emerging black, and worn in multiple short ringlet curls.

14 – Haineko

Haineko Cat Girl Anime Characters
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Haineko is the personified spirit of Rangiku Matsumoto’s Zanpakutō. Haineko’s physical expression takes the form of a curvy woman with turquoise eyes, olive-color skin, a large posterior, and chin-length maroon hair, which styled into two cat-like ears at the top and frames Haineko’s face with several long bangs.

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15 – Yoriko Sagisawa

Yoriko Sagisawa
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Misaki/Yoriko Sagisawa is a young girl who abides at home and looks out at the world via her room window and Yoriko is her cat. In the anime, Yoriko jumps out of Misaki’s window to see the world in her place and converted into a maid resembling Misaki with cat ears.