10 Famous Anime Characters With Blue Hair

Anime characters with blue hair
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Hello daily readers, how have you been? Are you also a fan of Anime characters? If yes, Then today I have come up with the topic which is about 10 Famous Anime Characters with Blue Hair.

Furthermore, Blue is a very rare color, although not completely impossible to see. Of course, it is an artificial color and a person has to dye their hair in order to get a shade of blue.

Moreover, In the world of anime, the meaning of blue color in anime depends on the shade of blue.

However, In this article, I am going to bring a list of the 10 best Famous Anime Characters With Blue Hair. Although, I will be using different sources and rank them based on their popularity and the general level of awesomeness they represent. 

So, without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the list of Famous Anime Characters With Blue Hair. 

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1- Rem

Rem Anime characters with blue hair
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Rem, is a maid in service of margrave Roswaal L Mathers alongside her sister, Ram. 

However, She is one of the main supporting characters of Re: Zero, with major roles in Arc 2, Arc 3, and Arc 7. 

During the first half of Arc 2, she also served as the secondary antagonist.

Therefore, appearance-wise, Rem has medium-length sky blue hair that covers her right eye, large light blue eyes, and young features. 

She also has hair clips towards the left side of her hair, a flower-shaped ribbon on the same side of her hair, and a maid hairband. The character looks absolutely pretty and elegant.

2- Bulma

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Bulma is the most significant female character in the series.

However, Aside from Goku, Bulma is the single longest-running character in the entire meta-series.

Being introduced in the first Dragon Ball chapter and episode, and maintains a prominent role until the end of the series.

Therefore, appearance-wise, Bulma has changed her appearance more than any character going through a total of 18 different hairstyles. 

Her hair colors vary between appearances, being colored: purple, blue, or turquoise. One of the famous anime characters with blue hair.

Furthermore, Her hairstyle was shoulder-length as a teenager. Many of the clothes Bulma is seen wearing often bear her name or the Capsule Corporation logo on them.

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3- Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyuga Anime characters with blue hair
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Hinata Hyuga is a kunoichi of Konohagakure. Formerly the heiress of the Hyūga clan, she lost the position upon being deemed unsuited for the responsibilities of leading the clan. 

Furthermore, Hinata joined the Uzumaki clan after marrying Naruto. Talking about her personality, As a child, Hinata was soft-spoken and polite, always addressing people with proper honorifics.

She is kind, always thinking of others more than for herself, caring for their feelings and well-being. She doesn’t like being confrontational for any reason.

Moreover, appearance-wise, Hinata is a slender girl of fair complexion who, as a Hyūga, her most distinguishing trait is the Byakugan, giving her featureless white eyes. 

Although, She has dark blue hair that she keeps in a home cut of different lengths. She looks wonderful. One of the famous anime characters with blue hair.

4- Saiko Yonebayashi

Saiko Yonebayashi
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Saiko Yonebayashi is a Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator, a Quinx, and the deputy squad leader of the Quinx Squad.

However, appearance-wise, Saiko has two thick sections of hair worn in pigtails with uneven fringed bangs, possibly due to her laziness.

Furthermore, Her kakugan is located in her left eye because of her status as a Quinx, and her face appears relatively youthful; Saiko is a bit heavier than the average CCG agent, with notably thick and chubby legs. 

Although, She is very short, especially for her age. She has light pale blue-colored hair. Her right eye is a bright baby blue color while her left eye is bright red.

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5- Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury

Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury Anime characters with blue hair
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Sailor Mercury is a fictional character in the Sailor Moon manga series created by Naoko Takeuchi. 

Furthermore, Ami is depicted to be a sweet, kind, gentle, and loyal girl who is slightly insecure. 

In the beginning, she relies on the opinions of her mother, classmates, and teachers. One of the famous anime characters with blue hair.

As the series progresses, she becomes stronger and more confident

6- Jō Kido

Jō Kido
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Joe Kido is one of the main characters from Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure tri Digimon Adventure.

However, He starts out a very high-strung and overstressed person. Furthermore, As the oldest of the DigiDestined, he often feels it’s his duty to make sure everyone is doing okay. 

Though nervous and clumsy, he is considered very trustworthy and is an extremely responsible person. In Digimon Adventure tri.

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7- Nagisa Shiota

Nagisa Shiota Anime characters with blue hair
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Nagisa Shiota is a student in Korosensei’s Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School and the main protagonist and narrator of Assassination Classroom.

However, Despite his overall passive nature, Nagisa has a natural talent for assassination. 

Furthermore, appearance-wise, Nagisa is a petite-framed boy with blue hair and azure eyes. 

His hair goes past his shoulders due to his mother forcing him to keep it that way. 

He kept it in a long ponytail until Kaede Kayano joined the classroom and styled it in two pigtails. 

He is known for his androgynous appearance which has often been poked fun at by many people.

Moreover, talking about his personality, Nagisa is a calm, collected, and friendly individual who can be exceptionally observant and circumspect of his surroundings and the situations that develop around him. 

He tends to pay strict attention to Korosensei in hopes to understand the motives of the mysterious being and compiles the information he has gathered in his notes for reference.

8- Shino Asada / Sinon

Shino Asada / Sinon
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She is a blue-haired girl. The girl is a skilled Virtual Reality game player, who began playing Gun Gale Online based on the suggestion from her friend.

However, Calm and cool are two words that best describe Sinon’s personality. In battle and most of the time in the game, she keeps a cool head.

Although, It is actually said that Kirito is the first one to make her extremely angry.

Despite all this, Sinon, while perhaps hard to approach, is generally a friendly person and does not mind helping others. 

Furthermore, Shino, however, can be a fragile-minded character. This is due to the childhood incident that involved her killing a robber. 

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9- Ban

Ban Anime characters with blue hair
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Ban is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, the husband of Elaine, the father of Lancelot, and the king of Benwick.

However, His Sacred Treasure is the Holy Rod Courthouse. He is known for his super resilience due to his time spent in Purgatory, and formerly, his immortality which he gave up in order to resurrect Elaine. His Power is Snatch

Furthermore, appearance-wise, Ban asking

Ban is a very tall, muscular man with tan skin, who possesses a set of well-developed abdominal muscles and usually has a slouch. 

He has short, spiky, pale blue hair and thin black eyebrows, and scarlet-red eyes.

10- Rai Nagamori

Rai Nagamori
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Rai has short, light-blue hair that is in an unkempt style and his eyes often appear to be closed.

However, He wears a school uniform consisting of a midnight blue jacket, a white dress shirt, and a blue tie with slanted sky blue lines with the school pin worn on the top left side of his jacket.