Best Superhero Movies You Must Know

best superhero movies
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Are you looking for some amazing superhero movies? Here we have compiled a list of the best superhero movies. Aren’t they fascinating, enthralling, and interesting as well? Superheroes are famous for their supernatural powers along with their charming characters. People love to watch them, not only this some people are crazy fans of their favourite superhero.

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Be it Superman, Batman, or Ironman. Apart from kids, adults also like to watch their movies. Nowadays, people like customized gifts and tattoos with the imprints of their superheroes. Check out the list given below:

1- Iron Man:

Best Superhero Movies: Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the best superhero movies. It is the first film in Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU). The famous engineer Tony Shark made an armour suit. He becomes the Iron Man.

This movie has two sequels, Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 in 2010 and 2013. Indeed, Iron Man is one of the most liked superhero characters.

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2- The Avengers:

The Avengers

The Avengers is a fantastic superhero movie. The lead superheroes are Black Widow, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye and Thor.

In fact, They make a team fight against the attackers who want to conquer the planet Earth. The Avengers movies are must-watch movies.

3- Spider-Man:

Best Superhero Movies: SpiderMan

Spider-Man movie is entertaining people since 2002. The story revolves around Peter Parker, the Spiderman. It all started when a radioactive spider bites Peter.

Non-stop action with intriguing stories has made the Spiderman movies superhits. Recently, The Spiderman: No Way Home movie has released. It shows the identity of Peter revealed to the world.

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4- Captain Marvel:

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is a superhero film. It is inspired by Marvel comics. However, in the comic, Captain Marvel is a male. Here in the movie, Carol Danvers plays the role of a superheroine, Captain Marvel.

This movie became 2019’s 5th highest-grossing movie. It seems like the sequel of the movie will be coming soon.

5- The Batman:

Best Superhero Movies: The Batman

Batman is one of the best superhero movies. It is based on the DC Comics. Batman movies have been fascinating, full of action and drama. There have been various Batman movies from 1966 to the present times.

“The Batman” movie was released on 4 March 2022. In the movie, Batman is investigating the mysterious serial murder cases in Gotham city.

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6- Man of Steel:

Man of Steel

An alien from the Krypton planet came to earth and become a saviour. He possesses supernatural powers. He wants to protect innocent people from evils. It is non-other than Superman.

In fact, the spectacular movie is the second-highest-grossing reboot of all time. It has grossed $668million worldwide.

7- Deadpool:

Best Superhero Movies: Deadpool

Deadpool is a superhero movie released in the year 2016. It is inspired by Marvel Comics of the same name. Wade Wilson is the lead actor in the film. He got supernatural powers after an anti-cancer mutant experiment.

Meanwhile the experiment, his body was disfigured and scarred. He wants to take revenge on Ajax who was the actual culprit. It is a must-watch action movie with thrilling twists.

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8- Aquaman:


An heir of Atlantis underwater kingdom tries to stop a possible war between two worlds namely land and ocean. It is an action-adventure movie that has a number of thrills and twists.

Watch it or regret missing out on this masterpiece. You will love the underwater world visuals. Indeed, the sequel of the movie will be coming soon.

9- Thor:

Best Superhero Movies: Thor

Thor is a strong character in the Thor film series. People worship Thor as a god. Thor is turned out to be a superhero with his weapon. His weapon is damn powerful for giant evils.

Thor is the Asgardian God of Thunder. He is the founding member of the Avengers. Thor, Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love and Thunder are wonderful movies one should watch.

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10- Venom:


Venom is based on the Marvel comics of the same name. It is one of the best superhero movies. It is the story of journalist Eddie Brock. He wants to take down the founder of Life Foundation.

Brock has got the powers of venom while investigating an experiment. Venom 2 released in 2021 is also a phenomenal movie.

11- Guardians Of The Galaxy:

Best Superhero Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is a superhero film released in 2014. Peter Quill is abducted by Ronan. Quill robs an orb and escapes. Quill became the target of Ronan.

To protect the earth from Ronan, he made a team of heroes. The team was named Guardians of the Galaxy. Will they be able to save the planet??

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12- Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a superhero live-action movie. Patty Jenkins is the director of the film. Diana aka Wonder woman is the superheroine of the DC comics of the same name.

Indeed, Diana gets training to become unbeatable. She is a warrior to save the people from evil. She leaves home to obey her duty.

13- Logan:

Best Superhero Movies: Logan

Logan movie is the tenth film in the X-Men film series. James Mangold is the director of the movie. It is also the third and final film in the Wolverine trilogy. Logan and Caliban care for the founder of X-Men, Charles Xavier.

It is an exciting story of Logan who tries his best to protect the people from the attackers. Watch out for the movie to find the revealing truths.

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14- The Incredibles:

The Incredibles

Mr Incredible lives a normal life while he has to choose his actual duty. Brad Bird is the director of the movie The Incredibles. As the name suggests, it is a family of superheroes who hide their identity.

However, the world needs them in times of danger. It is a perfect mix of fun, action and drama. Watch the movie and enjoy the iconic story. Don’t forget to watch its amazing sequel The Incredibles 2.

15- Superman: Man of Tomorrow:

Best Superhero Movies: Superman; Man of Tomorrow

Superman: Man of Tomorrow is one of the best superhero movies. It is a direct-to-video movie. Clark Kent is an intern in Daily Planet. He involves in the fight against the bounty hunter Lobo.

It is interesting to know what happens next. Will he be able to save the earth? We don’t want to give you a spoiler. You have to watch the film.

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16- Fantastic Four:

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four is a superhero movie based on the Marvel comics of the same name. Here in the movie, the astronauts get superpowers. They want to use them against their opponents.

The movie’s sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver was released in the year 2007. A reboot of the film franchise was released in the year 2017.

17: X-Men:

Best Superhero Movies: X-Men

X-Men is a superhero movie series. It is based on the Marvel comics X-Men. It is entertaining people from 2000 to the present times. There have been several movies from the franchise.

You know what, it never disappointed the audience. Watch the movies in chronological order. All of them are captivating and will keep you hooked.

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18- Hellboy:


Hellboy is a superhero movie based on Dark Horse comics of the same name. It was released in the year 2019. It is actually a reboot of the Hellboy series.

The half-demon Hellboy encounters the Blood Queen. He is a warrior who wants to protect the earth from threats and attacks of demons. His main aim is to combat the evils at any cost.

19- Black Panther:

Best Superhero Movies: Black Panther

How a warrior becomes a Black Panther? Actually, it is a fantasy superhero film based on the Marvel comics. A warrior consumes a heart-shaped herb and got supernatural powers.

After he becomes Black Panther, he forms the nation Wakanda. It is an interesting story of a dispute over the throne. Its sequel is going to be released soon.

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20- Captain America: Civil War:

Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War is one of the best superhero movies. It shows the division of the Avengers into two teams. One team supports the government law while the other opposes the law.

One team is led by Steve Rogers and another team was led by Tony Stark. Watch the movie else you will regret missing out on a spectacular one.