Who Is The Strongest Anime Character?

strongest anime character
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Today, I am here to discuss who is the strongest anime character. Every anime, watched by any person in the world gets attached to the MCs. But if the MCs are overpowered then it’s all a great roller coaster.

If I talk about anime every person have their different taste and choice. But, today we are here to find who the strongest anime character is. There are like many anime’s running around the globe. Anime also has great recognition around the globe. So, who do you think the mightiest anime character is. It is a big question that arises in the anime world. Some may have their speculations and choices of who the strongest anime character should be. But, today I am going to tell you who the strongest anime character is.

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5. Tetsuo Shima – “Akira”

strongest anime character

Tetsuo Shima is the antagonist in the anime “Akira” who awakens his psychic powers when he gets into a fight with another Psychic. But he was not like any other Psychic’s. As his strength and psychic powers started growing. He became so much immeasurably strong that when he had a psychic explosion he gave birth to a new universe. So, do check out “Akira” anime.

4. Anos Voldigoad – “The Misfit of Demon King Academy”

strongest anime character

This guy is too OP an anime character for anyone. As Anos can do anything he wishes for. He can kill you with just a beat of his heart. As in the anime, his heartbeat’s seismic waves just destroyed the enemy’s armour. Nothing less can be expected from the Reborn version of the Demon Lord.

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3. Son Goku – “Dragon Ball Super”

Son Goku

Who doesn’t know about this character Son Goku is the most fan-favourite character out of all on the list. He is a Saiyan who is most probably a God-level MC. Also, Dragon Ball has got superiorly powerful characters who are incomprehensibly & unimaginably powerful. Kakarot has done way too many things and saved the universe way too many times to count.

2. Zeno – “Dragon Ball Super”


Zeno Sama is just a small omnipotent god who can destroy universes with just a snap of his fingers. So, I don’t think so any more information is needed to explain how strong Zeno Sama is. When you look at him he is like a cute doll. But never mistake him for that appearance he got. He is an actual “GOD”

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1. Saitama – “One Punch Man”

One Punch Man - Saitama

As the name of the show, Saitama is a hero who will destroy you with just a punch. That’s how overpowering the character is. He is just a hero for fun, but he is bored with his life. As, whenever he fights a villain, they are dead with just a single punch. He is a hero who is frustrated by his own strength as he is unable to enjoy the fights as it always ends without him getting serious.