What Does Sia Look Like? || Sia Face

What does Sia look like
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Many questions have been raised about what does Sia look like as she has always been hiding her face. Sia’s face is nearly always concealed in her music videos, on stage, or during interviews. Maggie Ziegler is always there to grab the attention if an oversized wig isn’t hiding her face.

Although Sia has gone wig-free previously, it had been a while since fans had seen what the singer looked like without her distinctive blonde bob – that is, until she arrived at LAX.

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When it comes to performing live Sia never backs down and is a star. But she used to take extreme measures just to hide her face. Many speculations were made earlier about why she hides her face but no one known. When Sia went to Ellen DeGeneres’s show in 2015 she told her it was to hold up her privacy.

What Does Sia Look Like? || Sia Face

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Sia is not like other pop stars who want stardom or recognition. She just wants to sing without getting her privacy breached. She is a normal human being. No one likes people clinging on to them.

So, today I am here to discuss what does Sia look like || Sia Face. But to be precise she never should have used the wig. She is absolutely pretty and a beautiful blonde.

But the thing is she doesn’t like the paparazzi roaming around her all the time. Exploiting privacy and using words such as star to get inside her private life.

So, Sia only wears the wig to absolutely protect her privacy. As in many interview’s Sia has already told us about her camera shyness. As it maintains her privacy. That is what she says.

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She has been an absolutely successful singer who had issues like drug addiction & alcoholism. But she fights through all and now all clean.