10 Nicest Prisons in the world | Best Luxury Jail

Nicest Prisons in the world | Best Luxury Jail
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In this article, we are presenting to you the best Nicest Prisons in the world. But, when you think about jail! I’m sure you have pictures of iron bars, gloomy halls, subpar food, and a general sense of dread in the air. But what if I told you that not all jails are like this? In reality, there are others across the world that, although legitimate jails! But are the polar antithesis of what I just stated.

Here are the 10 world’s best nicest prisons in the world, institutions that have altered our perception of penal facilities.

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1. Halden Prison, Norway

Best Jail to once visit as it’s great to be a criminal in Norway, with luxurious, fully-furnished cells that feature televisions and freezers. Also, many of the guards at Halden Prison are not even armed!

2. Bastoy Prison, Norway

This jail accommodates a little more than 100 convicts who enjoy amenities such as tennis, horseback riding, fishing, and sunbathing within the jail system. With beautiful cottages to live in and verdant farmland to engage on, the inmates at this minimal security jail are likely to forget they’re in prison.

3. Otago Correction facility, New Zealend

Local people refer to this optimum jail as the “Milton Hilton,” as it features everything from rugby courts to fresh towels to underfloor heating during the cold months. One of the best Nicest Prisons In The World.

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4. HMP Addiewell, Scotland

Addiewell is more like a second home than a jail, emphasizing recovery over punishment. Also provides prisoners with clean, colorful rooms and full-time employment to keep them out of trouble.

5. Butner Federal Correctional Institution, U.S.A

White-collar thieves call this jail their home. You won’t find any hatchets in Butner’s quiet hallways. Especially if you can gain access to its minimum-security campus. Also, take a look at all of that lush foliage!

6. Justice Center Leoben, Austria

It’s less like a jail more like a 5-star hotel where you just don’t have to spend money. one of the best Nicest Prisons In The World.

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7. Suomenlinna Prison, Finland

Suomenlinna is among the world’s few “open jails,” with no bars or closed doors. Prisoners reside in communal homes with individual rooms and are permitted to work on building projects across the island.

8. Aranjuez Prison, Spain

Aranjuez Prison - best jail

This one is for parents. Aranjuez Jail has “five-star cells” equipped with toys in which small kids can truly live with their parents while they are imprisoned. It helps the child to feel like he/she is at home.

9. San Pedro Prison, Bolivia

San Pedro is formerly one of the world’s most unusual jails. It now runs as its own town, with self-appointed authorities and entire neighborhoods crammed with family residents, shops, cafés, and so on. One of the best nicest prisons In The World.

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10. JVA Fuhlsbuettel Prison, Germany

Don’t be concerned about receiving a lengthy sentence in Germany. Fuhlsbuettel has sofas, workstations, and private bathrooms, so it has everything you need to unwind during your lengthy vacation.

JAV Fuhlsbuettel - Nicest Prisons In The World

So, these jails top the list of 10 Best Prisons where you will actually feel like you are at a holiday home.