Haunted Dolls In The World That Are Damn Creepy

Haunted Dolls
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Do you ever hear of scary creepy dolls? Do you believe in haunted dolls? Yes, you heard it right. Well, belief or not, they exist in the world. There have been numerous cases people have mentioned about possessed dolls. They abandoned them after experiencing unnatural activities.

Be it a gifted doll or a purchased one, there have been various dolls with supernatural abilities. Here we are going to tell you about the famous haunted dolls in the world. We have compiled a list of 10 dolls that behaves like a living being.

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1- Annabelle

haunted dolls: Annabelle

You might have heard of the Annabelle doll of The Conjuring Universe. Do you know it is not a story based on fiction? Actually, it is about a real incident. Annabelle is a rag doll according to paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

In fact, It is believed that in 1970, a nurse has got a doll as a gift from someone. After some time, the doll shifted from one place to another on her own. She came to know that the doll is possessed by a spirit of a girl Annabelle. Now, the doll is in “The Warrens’ Occult Museum”, Monroe(US).

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2- Mandy


Mandy is one of the scariest haunted dolls. It is still a matter of debate how she came to appear. Lisa Sorensen has got a doll, Mandy. The doll has superstitious abilities. The doll is now in the District and Quesnel Museum, Canada.

I know it’s hard to believe that a doll can do unusual behavior with its owner. But it is damn true. She has a creepy appearance. Her face is cracked and scary. The museum workers reported about her activities like she followed them and the equipment used to track her failed anyhow.

3- Renesmee

haunted dolls: Renesmee

Do you remember the Twilight movie hybrid human-vampire character Renesmee? The doll was forsooth eerie. The movie cast and crew members experienced that the doll was not normal. It was moving from here to there. Renesmee stands in a glass display box in Forever Twilight Collection, Forks (Washington).

People say it moves in the case and change its position. Even, while shooting one of the movie scenes, it moves on its own. Oh my god, How scary it is! Surprisingly, her socks seem to be dirty as she walked out of the case and get her socks dirty with dust and mud.

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4- Robert The Doll

Robert the doll

Robert The Doll is one of the haunted dolls in the world. Robert Eugene Otto got this as a gift from his grandfather who bought it from Germany. He has supernatural powers as he can move and change facial expressions etc. He also used to play.

Now, this doll is in the East Martello Museum, Key West. The visitors experience unusual activities after visiting Robert the Doll. If someone disrespects him in the museum, the person will face dire consequences. Not only this, one must not take pictures without taking permission.

5- Okiku

haunted dolls: okiku

Okiku is a haunted doll. Eikichi Suzuki, a 17-year-old boy bought the doll for his little sister Okiku. She liked the doll a lot and gave it her name. The doll has shoulder-length black hair cut in okappa style. It was mesmerizing that you can’t keep your eyes off.

One day Okiku died of fever. But the family realizes that the doll which has short hair eventually has grown hair. The doll behaves like a living being and they came to know that Okiku’s spirit is in the doll. Now, The doll is in Manneji Temple Shrine, Hokkaidu(Japan). The priest still has to cut her growing hair.

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6- Letta

Letta the doll

Letta-Me-Out is a wooden doll having human hair. Kerry Walton found this doll beneath a house in Wagga Wagga, Australia. He named the doll Letta me out as it has paranormal activities. It starts moving in the night and even in front of people also.

The objects were misplaced in the house mysteriously. The floor has several scuff marks in the morning. In fact, Walton brought Letta with him in various interviews. He has an Instagram page for the doll. This doll has hair-raising abilities.

7- Lily

haunted dolls: Lily

Lily is a haunted doll who now stays at Zak Bagans, US Ghost Adventures. A woman found her at the doorstep and brought her inside. A warning mentioned with it was that keep her away from mirrors and the room you sleep in, that’s all I know.

She began experiencing strange things. A little girl came with her parents and talked to Lily for a few hours. The conversation was looking very normal like Lily was a living being. Lily the doll has unbelievable real hair. She can flicker lights and other mysterious activities.

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8- Ruby


Ruby is a doll that is famous for having supernatural powers. It is in the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult. Her owners said that their family child died holding ruby in her hands. Since then Ruby is possessed by spirits.

She has the ability to make someone ill with headaches, nausea, and anything else. Ruby is now in the Museum but it still haunts people there also. Some people say Ruby’s facial expressions tell that she is still in pain for some reason.

9- Elsa

haunted dolls: Elsa

Elsa the renowned Frozen doll can be haunted. You heard it right. What if a doll can switch languages like Spanish and English, even after turning it off? Isn’t it scary? Not only this, the family who has this doll, alleged it with several unusual phenomena.

They have thrown the doll, but it came back on its own. Afterward, they wrap it in double garbage polythene and throw it away. It still came back home after two weeks. The Houston family is frightened and estranged to see the doll back at the home.

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10- Pulau Ubin Barbie

Pulau Ubin Barbie

Pulau Ubin Barbie is one of the haunted dolls in the world. At the time of World War I, Britishers doubted a family and tried to finish them. The 18-year-old girl from the family jumped from a cliff and died. A shrine was made by the locals of Pulau Ubin.

Her ghost was seen by the local villagers. hence they made a shrine for her. They put a few strands of her hair and made a Jiangsu urn with a crucifix. Now people worship her as a deity.