12 Marilyn Manson No Makeup Photos Will Shocked You

Marilyn Manson no makeup
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So, today’s pick is Marilyn Manson no makeup photos that will shock you. Marilyn is one of the most iconic singers in the music industry. He is a multi-talented guy who can play multiple instruments, sing, act, paint, and also do many other things.

Marilyn has given so many live performances just like it is nothing. Also, he is an excellent writer. His quotes and songs have provided many in the world with the motivation they look for. Furthur helping them to grow.

But mostly Marilyn is known for his absolutely standing outlooks. Also, he is known for using different styles and makeup. So, have you ever wished to see him without makeup? Then you are at the right place, to begin with.

Here, you will find the 12 best images of Marilyn Manson without makeup

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12. I look cool in Casual too

Marilyn Manson no makeup

It doesn’t matter whatever he wears he will be a cool guy. Also, he looks great in the black shirt in the above image.

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11. Do I look Serious

Marilyn Manson no makeup

This picture was clicked of Marilyn for a shoot conducted by a magazine. Also, his eyes are fiesty as if it is a raging sun.

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10. Sons of Anarchy

Marilyn Manson no makeup

Those who don’t know he has been part of the blockbuster show Sons of Anarchy.

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9. Young Marilyn

Marilyn Manson no makeup

Young Marilyn looks so cool with all those tattoos on his hand. Also, there are only a few of his pictures when he was young without makeup. So, this is an absolute gem.

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8. Smiling Marilyn

Marilyn Manson no makeup

It is very rare to see Marilyn smiling while clicking pictures. As it’s always about his serious aura.

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7. I’m Tired

Marilyn Manson no makeup

Marilyn sometimes likes to take a selfie showing off the tattoos on his body in a close-up shot.

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6. Cameo for Eastbound & Down

 Cameo for Eastbound & Down

Manson had been a huge fan of the show and got the opportunity to play a cameo role for the show.

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5. Violin Ah!

Violin Ah!

This is one of the most cutest pictures of Marilyn without makeup and can be seen playing the violin.

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4. One with the Pirate

One with the Pirate

They both are good friends and that can be seen from the picture that how good of a friend they are.

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3. Black Suit

Black Suit

He just unbelievably looks more handsome in the black suit and the black goggles.

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2. Animal lover

Animal Lover

Marilyn also loves to spend time with animals and this picture shows it all.

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1. Lipstick Look

Marilyn is one of the guy’s in the music industry who likes to break the stereotypes and be free. And that is what he does. Be free.

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