15 Evil Power Ranger Villains Of All Time

Power Ranger Villains
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Hello folks, In this article, we will be looking for the evil power ranger villains of all time. As we all know, When it comes to villains, one of the most iconic series is Power Rangers. These villains have made their presence known through the 21 seasons, and they are not going anywhere any time soon. Power Ranger villains are one of the best parts of the show.

This is a difficult list to compile and rank because there are so many great bad guys in the original series. So, without wasting your time let’s scroll the page and check the villain’s list.

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15 Best Power Ranger Villains Of All Time

1 – Karone 

Karone  Power Ranger Villains
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Karone is one of the most famous villains in the Power ranger series, portrayed by Melody Perkins. She is present in Galaxy Pink of the Galaxy Rangers and the former villain Astronema. Karone bears to Power Rangers Super Megaforce as a part of the Legendary Ranger army, to help the Mega Rangers fight against the remnants of Emperor Mavro’s thousands of X Borgs.

2 – Tenaya 7

Tenaya 7
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Tenaya 7 is the most powerful opponent in Power Rangers RPM, described by Adelaide Kane. Later, she became known as Tenaya 15. She is a powerful general formed by Venjix to resemble the numerous terrifying thing probable for him, a human. Tenaya can conceal herself mostly by changing her attire and she can change any of her fingers into weapons.

3 – Deker 

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Deker was a Human/Nighlok condemned as a Nighlok with the yearning to find a worthy opponent for the “Ultimate Duel”. He is capable to move from Earth to the Netherworld and vice versa. Deker is capable to change himself into a Nighlok at his own will. Deker is only examining the best swordsmen in the world to challenge him.

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4 – Camille

Camille Power Ranger Villains
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Camille is one of the powerful power ranger villains and Dai Shi’s ill-tempered servant. She can convert into the Green Chameleon Warrior in battle. She acted as a secondary opponent of Power Rangers Jungle Fury until the Phantom Beasts attempted to overthrow Dai Shi. Also, she is their love interest of Jarrod. Camille was capable to absorb energy from the Claw Cannon to raise her power.

5 – Lord Zedd

Lord Zedd
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Lord Zedd aka the Emperor of Evil, the real commander of the Evil Space Aliens and one of the main villains of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, one of the two secondary antagonists of Power Rangers Zeo. He is a member of the United Alliance of Evil led by Dark Specter. Zedd contrived to flee with Dino Fury Rangers in pursuit. Lord Zedd was more powerful than any of his minions and the original Power Rangers, whilst maybe being on par with Zordon.

6 – Venjix

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Venjix is the main antagonist of Power Rangers RPM and Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Venjix is the most brutal and sadistic villain in the entire Power Rangers franchise and with very good reasons. It is also emotionless, unfeeling, cold-hearted, power-mad, and callous.

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7 – Frax

Frax Power Ranger Villains
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Frax was a cyborg who acted as the evilest villain of Power Rangers Time Force. Being one of the main villains, Frax was more powerful than any ordinary Mutant monster. Initially, the human roboticist Dr. Louis Fericks developed the Cyclobot technology but was privately a polymath, carrying out ground-breaking investigations in genetics, toxicology, and synthetic life.

8 – Trakeena

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Trakeena is one of the main power ranger villains in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, portrayed by Amy Miller. She was capable to teleport to any location at will in a shimmer of green energy. She is power-hungry, like her father. Trakeena was incredibly vain and proud.

9 – Ecliptor

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Ecliptor was Astronema’s second-in-command and acted as the powerful antagonist of Power Rangers in Space. Ecliptor was a ruthless and brutal being who triumphs in combat and destruction. He stayed extremely loyal to Astronema and even supported her secret plot to overthrow Dark Specter.

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10 – Villamax

Villamax Power Ranger Villains
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Villamax was a biker gang and knight-themed demon who acted as the exemplary tertiary enemy of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. Villamax was evil but was excessively loyal and respectable, preserving his word when making bargains. He could teleport to any location at will. Villamax was perhaps the third most muscular monster throughout Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

11 – Master Org

Master Org
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Master Org was the majesty of all the Orgs and the main villain of Power Rangers Wild Force. The foremost Master Org was unmistakably an evil and evil being. He wanted nothing more than plenty of power and stopped at nothing to obtain it. Being the ruler of all Orgs, Master Org was the strongest and most powerful Org in Power Rangers Wild Force.

12 – Deviot

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Deviot was one of the secondary villains of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. He was the third and final general of Scorpius but crossed them for his own ends. He was actually a psychopathic, treacherous, cruel, and self-serving monster who wants nothing but absolute power. Deviot can fire red energy lasers from his eyes.

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13 – Mesogog

Mesogog Power Ranger Villains
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Mesogog was a humanoid dinosaur-like being and the major powerful villain of Power Rangers Dino Thunder. He was the demon form of Anton Mercer. Mesogog was the sworn antagonist of the Dino Rangers. Mesogog was a villainous, cruel, suspicious, vicious, demonic, cold-blooded, psychopathic, hideous, and ruthless terrorist.

14 – Koragg the Knight Wolf

Koragg the Knight Wolf
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Koragg aka the Knight Wolf, the knight Leanbow who was brainwashed to serve Octomus the Master and the secondary antagonist, later anti-hero from Power Rangers Mystic Force. Koragg is one of the most feared villains in Mystic Force. He is admiringly loyal to The Master and will do anything in his power to engrave him as well as bring him back.

15 – Ransik 

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Ransik is a former criminal mutant from the year 3000. He was excessively cruel, brutal, self-centered, egomaniacal, manipulative, lethal, and even vicious at times. His desire to rule the world was second only to his fatherly instincts. Ransik can project blue and orange energy, much like any other villain.