10 Different Types Of Trumpets You Must Know

Types Of Trumpets
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Hello, musical freaks! We are very well aware that you are a great fan of music and so we are. Keeping this in mind, today’s topic of discussion is the list of types of trumpets. 

As we all know, The origins of the trumpet can be traced back several thousand years. Hence, this makes trumpets one of the oldest instruments in the world. However, as time has evolved, there are various types of trumpets available in the modern world today. We will discuss the top 10 types of trumpets. 

Let me tell you, these types of trumpets are very important instruments in bands and orchestras. 

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Hence, they are also well known for their presence in pop music, jazz, and swing. Don’t you enjoy trumpets more than any other musical instrument? In addition to this, There are different types of trumpets categorized according to the key they play and their sizes. In the sizes, trumpets come in bore size and bell size.

These types of Trumpets are known for being the center of many important fanfares and powerful pieces. Well guys, In ancient Egypt, trumpets were considered sacred and were only used in worship ceremonies. 

Moving on, without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the list of types of trumpets. 

List of types of trumpets: 

1- The Bb Trumpet

The Bb Trumpet Types of trumpets
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To begin the BB Trumpet, it’s the most common type of trumpet. Why is it called the Bb trumpet? Because whenever you play the c sound, it will convert that to the b sound. 

Those who are beginners, and professionals absolutely love this trumpet. 

All the western genres of music are incomplete without this Bb Trumpet. The unique key feature of this trumpet is its structure and keys. The price of this trumpet is very reasonable. 

2- The Bugle Trumpet

The Bugle Trumpet
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These trumpets are mainly used in military and religious events. However, earlier it was ideally created in the form of a brass instrument that doesn’t have a valve. 

Hence, it becomes easy to control the intensity of the sound of this trumpet. As it’s simple to use, it becomes a favorite for the military player. 

Nevertheless, now these trumpets come with valves, which makes it easy to change the note as well as to play any note. 

3- The C Trumpet

The C Trumpet
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Do you find this similar to the Bb trumpet? Yes, it is! This was highly played in American orchestral plays. This type of trumpet has a great sound and a very high pitch. 

Moving on, it’s easy to carry whilst traveling. I agree that this trumpet is a hard nut to crack, nevertheless, if you know how to play the basic trumpets given above in the list, then playing this C Trumpet can be a cakewalk for you. 

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4- The Cornet Trumpet

The Cornet Trumpet
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Coming on this Cornet Trumpet, looks absolutely very classy in hand. Well, it’s righteous to mention that it is much more than a trumpet in itself. Look at its shape, size, and complete design, it sure has that wow factor. 

Let me tell you, it’s more compact with a mellower sound, this attribute of the trumpet makes it stand out among other trumpets. Cornet parts of the songs are indeed more melodious. 

5- The D/Eb Trumpet

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Looking at its design, you will find them a bit smaller and brighter than C trumpets. When this trumpet was introduced, it used to be the best choice for Baroque Music. 

The sounds that these trumpets produce is more piercing which makes these trumpets different from the rest. Choosing it might not be a great choice for you in case you wish to perform as a solo artist, yes! These trumpets only work wonders and create magic when used for orchestral performances. 

6- The Flugelhorn Trumpet

The D/Eb Trumpet
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These trumpets are similar to cornet trumpets. In its shape, it has that conical bore that makes it look classy. However, when these trumpets are being played in front of a huge audience, they go absolutely crazy. 

In addition to this, you can find these kinds of trumpets mostly in British brass bands and jazz bands. These are not limited to only providing the technical sound but also passing lyrical and melodious voices to the audience. 

Along with this, the fourth valve in these trumpets adds more weight to them. Only if you are able to handle that weight, go with these trumpets. 

7- The Natural Trumpet (Baroque trumpet)

The Natural
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These are really long trumpets, and also look classy in hands. Baroque trumpets don’t have a valve which implies that you can’t use fingering to produce notes. 

It’s all that mouth work that you gotta do in order to produce high and low notes. These trumpets are the very first invention of trumpets provided in this article. 

If used carefully then these trumpets can add flare to a song. You need a lot of practice in order to play these natural trumpets because all you gotta play them is to use your ear. 

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8- The Piccolo Trumpet

The Piccolo Trumpet
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The piccolo is the smallest among all the trumpets available. It has the highest pitch. It’s commonly used in religious ceremonies. The piccolo is also available in different keys. 

The primary key feature of these piccolo trumpets is that they have 4 valves despite 3. The fourth valve helps in keeping the lower pitch of this instrument. 

9- The Pocket Trumpet

The Pocket Trumpet
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These are some of the novelty trumpets available in the market of a variety of trumpets. In addition to this, it is also a BB instrument of the exact length of a standard Bb trumpet. 

The size of these pocket trumpets is smaller which is very evident because of its name as well. These are a great choice for those who don’t have a large space to keep large-sized trumpets and are really fond of playing good music using trumpets. 

10- The Slide Trumpet

The Slide
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As the name suggests, slide trumpet, it uses a slide instead of valves. These slide trumpets use only one slide joint. 

These were first invented in western and Central Europe. It used to be a dance instrument only, and not a war instrument. 

Following this, it was the only trumpet that was not used in wars at all. If you wish to change the notes, you can do that by moving the slide and adjusting the player’s embouchure.