Ariana Grande Dating Ethan Slater After Splits With Dalton Gomez

Ariana Grande Ethan Slater
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American singer and songwriter, Ariana Grande is dating Actor, Ethan Slater after splits with Dalton Gomez.

According to the People and TMZ reports, The singer is dating Broadway alum, Ethan Slater, her costar in the upcoming film adaptation of Wicked,

Recently, the news announced that, The Positions singer, 30, and the luxury real estate agent, 27, separated earlier this year and “have been quietly and lovingly working on their friendship.”

Grande is set to play Glinda in Universal’s film adaptation of the beloved Broadway musical, while Slater will play Boq, the love interest of Elphaba’s sister Nessarose.

An insider told PEOPLE this week that Grande’s work on the Wicked movie Across the Pond was partially to blame, as it put a long-distance strain on the couple (Gomez is a luxury real estate agent based in Los Angeles).

“She was happy in Los Angeles for a couple of years. She wanted to make a life there with Dalton,” the source said. “He is super focused on his career and needs to live in Los Angeles. It’s definitely been an issue for them. Dalton’s career is demanding and he can’t leave Los Angeles often. So when [Grande] started filming Wicked in England, they were in for a long-distance marriage.”

Though the relationship eventually “didn’t work,” the insider said “Ari has nothing but kind words to say about Dalton. During their marriage, he was her No. 1 fan.”

Ariana Grande Dates Ethan Slater After Splits With Dalton Gomez