Badshah Releases Hottest Song “HOT LAUNDE” Ft. Fotty Seven

Hot Launde Badshah
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Indian rapper and singer, Badshah has released his Hottest song, “HOT LAUNDE” featuring Fotty Seven & Bali. Watch the full video song below.

The song, “Hot Launde” performed, written & Lyric is given by Badshah, Fotty Seven, & Bali. Badshah sing, “1 Number Wali Gaadi Rakhne Wala Launda / 2 Number Wali Dadhi Rakhne Wala Launda / Yaar Dilli Se Mohali Rakhne Wala Launda / Lekin Bandi Bas Pahadi Rakhne Wala Launda.”

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Then Fotty Seven joins him between the rap, “Teri Maa Ki Fruit Chaat Khane Wala Launda / Munh Na Khole Pooch Tach Mein Ye Wala Launda / Tatti Rapper’o Ko Kabz Dene Wala Launda,” after that, Bali sing, “Seedha Munh Mein Wi-Fi Dene Wala Launda / Bongchie Ke Bina High Dene Wala Launda / D Se Pehle Excite Karne Wala Launda.”

In Nov, Fotty Seven & Bali teamed up together for the long-awaited latest song, ‘Abey Yaar‘ featuring rapper, Bali. Also, Earlier last week, He released his 4th new song, ‘Kar Lenge‘ featuring Karma & Raftaar from his new album Asli Independent EP. Last year, Fotty released ‘Bhot Tej’ ft. Badshah. The song is all about the vibes, culture, and slang of Delhi, This is first from the lot of Kaleshi Launde. 

Meanwhile, Badshah released his long-awaited song, ‘Awaara‘ featuring singer, Reet Talwar. Also in Aug, he officially released his brand new album, ‘The Power of Dreams of a Kid,’ The album features 8 brand new tracks including, Shuru, The Power Of Dreams(Ft. Lisa Mishra), BKL, Hot Launde (Ft. Fotty Seven, Bali) & many more. The album represents the story of his struggle.

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Badshah Releases Massive Song “HOT LAUNDE” Ft. Fotty Seven

HOT LAUNDE - Badshah Ft. Fotty Seven, Bali | Official Video | #TPODOAK

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