Band Of Horses Shares New Song, ‘Crutch’ Announces New Album

Crutch Band Of Horses
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American rock band, Band Of Horses has shared their new song named “Crutch,” also announces a new album. Listen to the full song below.

“I think like a lot of my songs, ‘Crutch’ starts with something from my real life,” the band’s Ben Bridwell said in a statement. “Obviously ‘Crutch’ means some of the things that I was dependent on. My relationship for one. I think I wanted to say, ‘I’ve got a crush on you,’ and I thought it was funny how relationships also feel like crutches.

He added, “I feel like everybody has had a time when nothing goes right and you still have to carry on. I think that feeling hits you in this song even if you don’t know what the specifics are.”

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The vocals come up, “Not, not a long time ago when I knew all the answers / I couldn’t pace myself or raise my standards / But one can hope, you need to know.”

New Album ‘Things Are Great‘ Tracklist:

01 Warning Signs
02 Crutch
03 Tragedy of the Commons
04 In the Hard Times
05 In Need of Repair
06 Aftermath
07 Lights
08 Ice Night We’re Having
09 You Are Nice to Me
10 Coalinga

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Band of Horses Shares New Song, ‘Crutch’ Announces New Album

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